August 5, 2021

Justin Timberlake & Anna Kendrick Tell Us How They Overcome ‘Can’t Stop The Feeling’ On ‘Trolls 2: World Tour’

Last February we had the opportunity to interview Justin Timberlake and Anna Kendrick before the (at that time) imminent premiere of ‘Trolls 2: World Tour’, scheduled for March 19. Just one week after declaring the state of alarm in our country. In the United States, it was released in the following weeks, but directly in streaming. In contrast, Universal Pictures Spain decided to reserve it for the big screen on a date that seemed very far away but is (finally) here: Friday, October 23. Now that cinemas are once again a safe place, the public can already discover that fantasy of musical diversity that the actors of Branch and Poppy advanced to us.

Despite the fact that the two begin the interview joking and saying in unison the name of the big hit of ‘Trolls’, Justin is clear that he has surpassed his iconic ‘Can’t Stop the Feeling’ in every way. “You can’t do what you did before. That was a moment and you have to leave it at that.”. He repeats not only as the protagonist but as the musical producer of the sequel, and in comparison he has something clear: “I like the music more in this movie than in the first for its diversity “.

This time he has not only composed pop songs, but has created updated mashups or mixes of mythical songs like ‘Rock You Like a Hurricane’ with artists like Ozzy Osbourne, Kelly Clarkson or J Balvin. Every time he talks about this songwriting process, You can tell how much he understands and that he has enjoyed this musical freedom that, according to him, is also at the center of the story: “When you look at the current landscape of even how people listen to music, it’s quite a mix of cultures and different styles. It was fun to have that as part of the movie.”.

And for the third?

Despite the small samples of reggaeton or even K-Pop, in the end the central plot of ‘Trolls 2: World Tour’ is made up of the musical kingdoms of Pop, Rock, Funk, Country, Techno and Classic. Anna Kendrick defends the selection of these six styles as the main ones for being “from which to get more elements of comedy and history”, although she herself admits that “It would be great if that universe continued to expand”. If you want to know what is the musical proposal that Anna has made to Justin for that same in ‘Trolls 3’, you can see the video of our interview. And if you want to discover the rest of the musical realms that are already explored with all the brilliance and technical detail in this second part, you can do it in the most lively, immersive and safe way possible: in a movie theater starting next October 23 .