July 26, 2021

Netflix ‘Masters of the Universe’ honrará … ¿’Hellraiser’?

Masters of the Universe: Saving Eternia‘, new animation of Netflix which will continue the story of the classic cartoon starring The Man, arrives on June 23. And to further contemplate the nostalgic atmosphere, director Kevin Smith revealed on Twitter that each of the five episodes that make up “Part 1” of the series pays homage to a classic from the 1980s.

And the references are, to say the least, curious. The showrunner guarantees that the new adventures of Prince Adam will be directly inspired by works such as’Superman 2 ′, ‘Indiana Jones’ and surprisingly Hellraiser‘. “In honor of the era in which ‘Masters of the Universe’ began, each of the five episodes of ‘Part 1’ in our series pays tribute to a different movie from the 1980s,” Smith explained in a tweet.


According to the director, ‘Masters of the Universe: Saving Eternia’ will honor the works in the following order:

  • Episode 1 – “Superman II: The Adventure Continues‘(1980)
  • Episode 2 – “Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom ‘ (1984)
  • Episode 3 – “Batman‘(1989)
  • Episode 4 – ‘Hellraiser: Reborn from Hell‘(1987)
  • Episode 5 – ‘Masters of the Universe ‘ (87)

Yes, ‘Masters of the Universe’ will pay tribute to ‘Hellraiser’, a classic horror film directed by Clive Barker. However, it’s hard to tell if Smith is talking about minor references within episodes, such as Easter eggs in scenes or something similar, or if you want to say that the whole episode is inspired by one of those movies. Regardless, it will be interesting to see if fans can spot anything.

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Another curious detail will be to see how the show will honor the film. live action ‘Masters of the Universe’ (1989), directed by Gary Oddard and starring none other than Dolph Lundgren. The production, at the time, was a box office and critical failure, a factor that even led to the closure of the Cannon Films production company.

More information on Netflix ‘Masters of the Universe’

Focused on the adult audience, but still being an animation dedicated to the family, according to Smith -, Netflix promises to bring back a He-Man more in tune with the cartoon version of the 1980s series’Masters of the Universe: Revelation‘. The preview, revealed during the Geeked Week event, shows that the animation has been modernized, but with respect to the original characteristics.

In Brazil, the series produced by Kevin Smith won the title of ‘Masters of the Universe: Saving Eternia‘. the trailer (look up) features familiar cartoon characters in incredible battle sequences filled with magic and powers. And to contemplate the atmosphere of the 1980s, everything happens to the tune of ‘Holding Out For a Hero’, a song by Bonnie Tyler.

The series will be animated by Powerhouse Animation, the studio behind ‘Castlevania,’ and is produced by Rob David, who worked on the Warrior Prince comics. With Smith serving as executive producer and showrunner, the initial five episodes were written by Eric Carrasco (‘Supergirl’), Tim Sheridan (‘Reign of the Superman’), Diya Mishra (‘Magic the Gathering’) and Marc Bernardin (‘Alphas ‘).

He-Man, voiced by Chris Wood, in ‘Masters of the Universe: Revelation’. Image: Netflix / Disclosure

And the cast? Well, the one from ‘Masters of the Universe: Saving Eternia’ is gigantic, with heavy names like Mark Hamill (‘Star Wars’) as the skeleton, Lena Headey (‘Game of Thrones’) as Evil and Chris Wood (‘Supergirl’) as Prince Adam / He-Man.

In dubbing, animation will continue to appear Sarah Michelle Gellar (Tila), Liam Cunningham (Mentor), Stephen Root (Smooth / warrior cat), Diedrich Bader (King Randor and Jaw), Griffin Newman (Body), Henry Rollins (Triclops), Susan Eisenberg (Witch), Alicia Silverstone (Queen Marlena), Justin Long (Robot), Jason Mewes (Stinkor), Kevin Michael Richardson (Beast Man) and Kevin Conroy (Aquatic), among others. Alan Oppenheimer, who provided the original voice for Skeleton, will also be in the Netflix production playing the villain Mossman.

Susas Eisenberg will play Sorceress and Chris Wood as He-Man.  Image: Netflix / Disclosure
Susas Eisenberg will play Sorceress and Chris Wood as He-Man. Image: Netflix / Disclosure

Produced between 1983 and 1985 by the Filmation studio, the original ‘He-Man and the Masters of the Universe’ cartoon ran for 130 episodes. Subsequently, the franchise won two other versions: in 1990, by the Dec studio, and in 2002, by Mike Young Productions. There is also a live action movie in production, but production remains stagnant as the scheduled lead at the time. Noah Centineo, left the project.

The production of ‘Masters of the Universe’, carried out by Netflix in partnership with Mattel Television, will be divided into parts. The first, which is called ‘Salvando Eternia’, debuts in the July 23th.

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