July 24, 2021

Anya Taylor-Joy’s blooper that went viral

Anya Taylor-Joy is the protagonist of the new version of the Jane Austen classic

Anya-Taylor Joy is at a peak of popularity thanks to the hits she starred in Netflix, and her fans position her as trend on social networks every time new material from the Anglo-Argentine actress appears. This time, it is a blooper happened in the filming of the movie Emma (2020): in a scene, the young woman He was tempted to laugh in full nosebleed.

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The star of Lady’s gambit turned viral for a video posted on Tik Tok, where he bleeds from the nose in the middle of a dialogue loaded with drama from Emma, the adaptation of the literary work of Jane Austen which garnered praise after its premiere last year.

In the clip -which was already reproduced almost two million times on the social network– the actress is seen on the set next to Johnny Flynn, the actor who played the character of Mr. Knightley, when he suddenly asks to stop filming because he senses that his nose will start to bleed. “Wait, just I need to stop laughing for a moment“, He expresses at first, and after blood begins to fall from his nose, he warns between laughs:”Yeah yeah it’s real, it’s real”.

A person behind the camera assists her with a napkin so she can clean herself up, and a few seconds later, they finally manage to film the scene (which, in the movie, includes the bleeding).

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Taylor-Joy spoke about this fragment of the film in different interviews and explained what happened. “I didn’t know I had that talent until that scene, I knew as soon as my nose started to bleed, and Autumn de Wilde [la directora] and Johnny were as excited as I was, “he said. And I add: “The team asked to stop because they were worried, but the three of us said: ‘What are you talking about? Keep filming, it’s amazing, we have to capture it on camera ‘”.

This is how the unforeseen event became an opportunity and Anya took it with humor: “I always joke about being Liam Neeson on Relentless search, in the sense that I have many skills that would make me useless in some other place than the world of acting”.