August 2, 2021

Bruce Willis’ character in Duro to Kill is coming to Call of Duty Warzone

These last few weeks have been quite intriguing for fans of Call of Duty, and is that Activision has been anticipating his new video game in the franchise, which will be released this year by Sledgehammer Games, and also giving teasers of what will come for Warzone.

In this last point, Rambo was the first teaser that Activision delivered, presenting a record of its statistics, which reflect the experience of this character of Sylvester Stallone, with 5 films (translated into 5 games), 5 victories, 7 hours of game and 552 kills against 0 kills.

And now the second tab has arrived, in which it is presented to “Cowboy McClane”, which refers to John McClane, the character that Bruce Willis played in the Duro de Matar saga (Crystal Jungle in Spain). In the tab you can see the following statistics:

• 73 Murders >>> total deaths McClane gets throughout his films
• 10 Hours played >> approximate duration of all his films
• 5 Games played> John McClane has five films, 25 years apart between the first (1988) and the last (2013)
• 5 Wins> McClane is victorious in all his missions
• 0 Deaths> Logically, the character of Bruce Willis does not die in any of his films

We will have a great reveal from Activision on May 20, so it could be the date indicated for the arrival of these classic characters from the history of action cinema in the update of Call of Duty: Warzone.