July 24, 2021

Hair Color: This Flattering Red Color Goes Viral on TikTok

The redhead It’s one of the hair dyes most irresistible that exist. There is something extremely special in this tonality that makes those who wear it stand out immediately and as it happens that there are few lucky ones who can say that it is their color natural, the rest we must look for other alternatives to achieve it. The positive side is that it is a possibility for everyone if we look for the one that best highlights our skin tone.

The Red It is part of the most prominent trend hair dyes for 2021 if you are looking to try something different and make a renewal of look total. You can be sure that it will not leave anyone indifferent and it is ideal in this season of the year for being bright and bright. The inspiration to wear it began in the fall of 2020 in the wake of one of the most successful recent television series: ‘Lady’s Gambit’.

Beth Harmon in a scene from the series ‘Lady’s Gambit’.

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Beth Harmon, the character who plays Anya Taylor-Joy, conquered us with his personality and also with his red hair that gave strength to his character. But the actress of Argentine-British origin has not been the only one to show us that it is a very flattering bet in different cases. Emma Watson, Amy Adams, Emma Stone y Sophie Turner They have also opted for this bet.

Gigi Hadid recently hit with a copper red through the streets of New York and on the catwalk of Versace fall-winter 2021 with a totally smooth XL mane. The key to being universally flattering is choosing the perfect color for your hair, considering simple tricks. This to adapt the trend to what is most flattering for each one.

Gigi Hadid with auburn hair in Versace show.

© Courtesy of Versace.

The red hair dye everyone talks about

Find the best dye to be a redhead it can be quite a challenge. TikTok It has become a platform from which an endless number of beauty trends, so when the model Molly McArthur, who is naturally brown, wore a reddish hair that was extremely natural and users demanded to know what product it was.

The canadian model revealed that it was the combination of two homemade hair dyes in a video that has had more than 1.2 million views. It is the ‘Charm 6R Red Terra Cotta’ and the ‘Light Copper 6RG’, both from Wella Color Charm mixed in equal parts. These products that are available on Amazon need a developer to work.

El Color Charm 6RG de Wella Color Charm.

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These liquid hair dyes they are fused with to result in a vibrant, fade-resistant color. They have excellent comments from users on the brand page, who emphasize on the natural results that they got, both for chestnuts and blondes; in addition to its simple application.

Other similar proposals on the market are the ‘Excellence Intense 7.43 Rubio Cobrizo Dorado’ by L’Oreal Paris and the ‘Coloríssimos 6646 coppery ruby’ by Garnier Nutrisse, for sale in supermarkets. Meanwhile he ‘BES ‘Permanent Cream Hair Color (reference: 20920760) is a favorite of some stylists and you can get it at Sally Beauty, made from plant liposomes and extracts of seaweed, wheat protein and beeswax.

If you have any doubts about which is the best proposal for you, the ideal would be to consult a colourist, since there are many factors to consider that they can make a dye look very different in each one, such as the color of your skin or if you have dyed your hair in the past. This will be key to avoiding missteps, especially if you are going to dye yourself at home.