August 4, 2021

Meeting between Daniel Craig and Mads Mikkelsen

They talk about Casino Royale, thanks to Variety

In a new video series called Dream Teams, Magazine Variety brings us an interesting and fun conversation between Daniel Craig and Mads Mikkelsen, who played Le Chiffre in Casino Royale (2006), Craig’s first Bond.

They both talk about Mikkelsen’s latest movie, Another round (Pressure, 2020), one of the favorites for the Oscar for best international film, and, of course, of their joint passage through Casino Royale:

The Danish actor begins by asking Daniel about the first time they met and Craig only remembers that he was delighted to have him.

In full trials of all kinds, Craig was rehearsing with girls and Mads was going to do the torture scene with Daniel. However, in a pause, director Martin Campbell walked past them and said to Mads: “Hi Mads, welcome aboard. No proof is needed, the role is yours …“. And he left. Then Craig said humorously: “Who have you fucked? I did six casting tests …“.

Also, Mikkelsen comments on how the whole team played poker in the breaks … minus Daniel Craig and how the two wanted to add more and more to the torture scene, until Martin Campbell told them to calm down and not forget that it was a Bond movie.

Craig confesses that he was very nervous and tense in that scene, but that he relaxed thinking that, at least, however it turned out, he would have made a Bond movie, even if it was just one. “You would have been the second George Lazenby!“, The comment Mikkelsen.

Also, the moment when Le Chiffre slapped him was important because Daniel realized how focused Mikkelsen was and that helped him a lot.

Craig implies that he was a different person then and how much he has changed.

Mads Mikkelsen ends by saying that “There was not a second in which I had doubts that you were going to be the best Bond ever since we did our first scene.“.

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