July 31, 2021

Princess Diana, John Travolta and Freddie Mercury: a friendship that defied the rules of royalty | People | Entertainment

The ‘Saturday Night Fever’ actor recalled during an interview his dance with the Princess of Wales, whose photographs captivated the whole world.

It all happened during the gala hosted in 1985 by President Ronald Reagan in the White House (Washington, United States). “I walked up to her, touched her elbow, asked her to dance. She turned around and He looked at me with that captivating smile, but a little sad, and accepted my invitation. And there we were dancing together like it’s a fairy tale“Recalled the actor John Travolta weeks ago in an interview for Esquire Spain about one of the magical moments that Princess Diana of Wales left in the memory of her followers: the night she danced with John Travolta. Think of the moment. We are in the White House. It’s midnight. It’s like a dream the whole stage”, He added.

According to Travolta, it was Nancy Reagan, wife of the former US president, who informed him that Diana wanted to dance with him. “I will never forget. I am very honored to have experienced it, and I know for sure that it was the highlight of being in the United States; it was his favorite moment. Then I feel that I made his life better; she made my life better; and i’m so sorry she’s not here“The actor commented in 2007.

The dance lasted 15 minutes and Travolta decided offer you some confidence by putting your arm in the middle of your back and he endeavored to convey that everything would be fine. “That was the easy part,” he admitted. “But the fact Introducing myself to Diana in the appropriate way, conveying assurance and asking her to be my dance partner was a complicated mission. Who could imagine that something like this is going to happen to you one day? I was smart enough to register it in my memory as a very special, magical moment ”.

John Travolta He was not the only media personality with whom Diana wanted to venture to try something outside of royal protocol. Your great friend, Freddie Mercury, lead singer of Queen, also Disguised her once to take her to a nightclub without being recognized.

The actress Cleo Rocos he recalled what happened in his memoirs titled The Power of Positive Drinking, published in 2013. Apparently, the group spent the afternoon drinking champagne and watching The Golden Girls. At night, the antics increased and they decided to go to the iconic gay cabaret bar Royal Vaxhaull Tavern, in South London. Diana commented that she was in “total mischief mode,” and Mercury agreed to let the girl have a little fun.

Princess Diana together with Grace Kelly in London, 1981. Photo: Picasa

So they dressed her more masculine with a baseball cap, sunglasses and a army bomber jacket that made her look like “a beautiful young man.”

Once on the site, the princess alone ordered beers and white wine. “When we entered, we felt that she was princess diana and that she would be discovered at any moment. But people seemed to leave it blank. She disappeared and she loved it. Diana and Freddie were giggling and once the transaction was completed, we looked at each other triumphantly. We did it!”Rocos recalled in his book.