August 3, 2021

The smoothie thanks to which Renée Zellweger has younger and brighter skin

2020 has meant not only his return to the great cinema galas, but also her consolidation as one of the best actresses of the last decades: very few interpreters have won, with the same role, the four most important awards (Oscar, Golden Globe, Bafta and SAG). And this magnificent professional moment of Renée Zellweger is reflected in his way of feeling, since he has confessed that, after moving away from Hollywood for six years, now she’s “living a much happier life and possibly this makes it look like I’m healthy.” On the red carpet, this metamorphosis has been more than evident: Renée has the most beautiful skin and is in better shape than ever.


In each of her latest appearances, the actress has sported beautiful skin. After a series of supposed interventions whose results were much commented, in 2014, it seems that he has decided to take a more natural approach to his beauty, and the result could not be better. Light and smooth, but also slight lines of expression, practically inevitable signs of age at the 50 years of the actress. Accepting them is the new philosophy of the Texan, which also includes take care of yourself from the inside to get his best version. And, as her makeup artist, Dana Hamer, explained in an interview with the magazine Bazaar that “there is no makeup product that can simulate or replace the radiant inner glow.”

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For that reason, the actress and her makeup artist – who is also an expert in holistic beauty – have focused on getting radiant and healthy skin through nutrition and inner well-being. “A healthy diet, good hydration inside and out, exercise and sleep are essential for good skin,” says Hamer, who has also revealed a recipe that she always recommends to her clients, including Renée Zellweger. It’s about a smoothie made with coconut water, green leafy vegetables (like spinach), and beauty herbs which, according to her, should consume daily to nourish the skin from within.


The herbs you refer to may be roots such as turmeric (protagonist of the famous Golden Milk) or ginger, the new favorite of celebrities like Paula Echevarría, but it is also possible to add flowers (horsetail, roses, etc.) or leaves (for example, red raspberry). Combine one of these shakes each day with practices like meditation and yoga they achieve, according to Dana Hamer and other advocates of holistic beauty, beautiful, healthy and luminous skin. Proof that the formula works? The renewed image of Renée Zellweger.