July 31, 2021

10 hidden gems on platforms to discover this summer

Summer has always been a time to discover series that we had overlooked, or to see those that we always recommend and that we never have time to see. For this reason, we have compiled ten that are more or less hidden in the catalogs of the streaming platforms and which are worth taking a look in these hot months.

For Marina Such – 17 Jun 2021

‘For all mankind’

The lunar race is the center of ‘For all mankind’.

Available on Apple TV +.

The spectacular finale of its second season has made For all mankind begins to be rediscovered by many viewers who discarded it among the initial contingent of Apple TV +. The series, produced by Ronald D. Moore, features the alternate history of the space race if it had been the USSR, and not the United States, who would first take man to the moon. That fact ends up reverberating throughout the history of both countries between the 1970s and 1990s.

‘Why do women kill’

Lucy Liu is one of the protagonists of 'Why do women kill'.
Lucy Liu is one of the protagonists of ‘Why do women kill’.

Available on HBO Spain.

Marc Cherry, creator of Desperate women, continues to explore the frustrations, desires and pressures of women through a series with a most interesting premise: its protagonists live in three different timelines (50s, 80s and today) but they share the same conflict, the infidelity of their husbands. Why do women kill, with a second season that tells another story set in 1949, maintains those touches of house-brand black humor.

‘This shit beats me’

'This shit is over me' drinks from John Hughes' youth classics.
‘This shit is over me’ drinks from John Hughes’ youth classics.

Available on Netflix.

Adaptation of a comic by Charles S. Forsman, This shit gets over me is a teen series with a twist: its protagonist discovers that he has telekinetic powers They are unleashed when you are very angry, or scared, or stressed. With a visual aspect very clearly influenced by the John Hughes films, the series relies on Sophia Lillis’s interpretation of that young woman who is beginning to find out who she is with the shadow of her father’s death always hovering over her.


Takehiro Hira and Kelly Macdonald are the quirky 'Giri / Haji' cop couple.
Takehiro Hira and Kelly Macdonald are the quirky ‘Giri / Haji’ cop couple.

Available on Netflix.

Giri/Haji is a miniseries that unites Japanese and British cultures, and their different ways of narrating, through the story of a Tokyo cop who goes to London looking for his brother, who is involved in the Yakuza. His mission there will lead him to cross the path of a British inspector who is separated by her colleagues and who begins to feel curious about that quiet man who seems to carry the weight of the world on his shoulders.

‘Sneaky Pete’

'Sneaky Pete' is created by David Shore and Bryan Cranston.
‘Sneaky Pete’ is created by David Shore and Bryan Cranston.

Available on Amazon Prime Video.

It is curious that Sneaky Pete it will go so unnoticed with the credentials with which it landed on Amazon. Its creators are David Shore (House) and Bryan Cranston, just after finishing Breaking Bad, and its protagonist is Giovanni Ribisi, who plays a con man who, upon leaving prison, decides to start a new life impersonating of his cellmate. That will lead him into more dangerous circles than he was used to handling before.

‘Losing Alice’

Ayelet Zurer, in 'Losing Alice'.
Ayelet Zurer, in ‘Losing Alice’.

Available on Apple TV +.

Disturbing, twisted, sensual and haunting, Losing Alice it’s a thriller centered on a reputed marriage of Israeli filmmakers. She is a director, but is now overwhelmed by family life, while he is a successful actor seeking critical respect. Alice finds an incredible and erotic script from a debutante that she wants to take to the moviesBut in the process she will enter into a game of wishes and frustrations that threatens to turn her entire world upside down.


'GLOW' stars Allison Brie and Betty Gilpin.
‘GLOW’ stars Allison Brie and Betty Gilpin.

Available on Netflix.

GLOW It ran for four seasons and is still not as well known as it deserves. It is a dramedia about a female wrestling program launched in the 80s that may be the last chance for characters like the ones they play Allison Brie y Betty Gilpin, an unemployed actress and former soap opera star who has a hard time going back to work after having a baby. A heterogeneous group of women is formed around him, looking for a space where they can show their worth.


'Ghosts' is one of the most successful recent British comedies.
‘Ghosts’ is one of the most successful recent British comedies.

Available at Movistar +.

Among the premieres of the new season of the American free-to-air channels will include a remake from Ghosts, British comedy with such a simple premise, that it ends up being very fertile ground for all kinds of stories. A couple moves into an old country mansion that’s full of spirits that only women can see. Its two seasons are full of charm, goofy humor, and a group of characters that just grow fond of.

‘Crazy ex-girlfriend’

Rachel Bloom created and starred in 'Crazy ex-girlfriend'.
Rachel Bloom created and starred in ‘Crazy ex-girlfriend’.

Available on Netflix.

Crazy ex-girlfriend It is one of the most unclassifiable recent series. Its protagonist, Rebecca, moves from New York to West Covina (California) following a teenage love, but that move masks other problems that Rebecca will unravel through songs that parody every music genre imaginable, from the classic Hollywood musical to R&B, indie rock or the hip-hop. If you miss Zoey’s extraordinary playlist, this is your series.

‘Mr. Inbetween’

Ray shoesmith (Scott Ryan) es el protagonista de 'Mr. Inbetween'.
Ray shoesmith (Scott Ryan) es el protagonista de ‘Mr. Inbetween’. / HBO

Available on HBO Spain.

Barry It is not the only series starring a hit man. Mr. Inbetween follow a bully who has no ethical dilemma doing his job, but must reconcile him with his eight-year-old daughter and with a new romantic relationship that is beginning. It is a comedy with a lot of black humor in which the protagonist’s conflicts come from how complicated it is sometimes to keep his friends and the people he loves close to him because of his job.