July 27, 2021

Amanda Bynes missing after her arrest Sunday | People


The former actress and child prodigy Amanda Bynes is missing after her arrest last Sunday in Los Angeles accused of driving under the influence of drugs. This was confirmed by her parents, Lynn and Rick, who until this month had legal custody of the 28-year-old after her multiple legal and health problems. Looking tired but trying to go about their daily chores, the parents of the actress from Rumors and lies They assured on camera that they had learned of their daughter’s arrest from the media and that they do not know where she is. “He is 28 years old and does what he wants,” they added.

If her acting career was dazzling since her name came to light when she was seven years old, Bynes’ legal and mental problems have been just as numerous in recent years and all of them in front of the cameras. paparazzi or on social media. The latest incident took place early Sunday morning while he was driving his Mercedes through the Los Angeles neighborhood of Van Nuys, near his father’s house where he had been living until this month. Without resisting arrest, the actress was released hours later after paying a bail close to 12,000 euros accused of driving under the influence of drugs. According to the TMZ page, it is the Adderoll that he takes under a medical prescription as a treatment for bipolarity and hyperactivity syndrome. His parents assure that they were not the ones who paid the bail.

Previously his career has been more peppered with legal incidents and health problems than with artistic titles. The Nickelodeon star and protagonist of the television series that bore his name in addition to films such as A dream for her officially announced in 2012 that he was retiring from the cinema. In that same year, she was arrested by the police while talking on the phone at the wheel, a month later for drunk driving and was subsequently involved in two traffic accidents in which she allegedly tried to run away, although they were solved out of court.

In 2013 she agreed to be admitted to a detox center

Still on probation from previous arrests Bynes had another run-in with police when he threw a bong from the window of his New York apartment located on the 36th floor. In addition, his images setting fire to the entrance of the garage of his house in Los Angeles or those others in which he had shaved his popular blonde hair certified in a too public way that something it was happening to the young star. Finally, in 2013, she agreed to be admitted to a detoxification center and in December of that same year, her parents obtained legal custody of the young woman who lived in their care for the past few months. Her film years were behind her and in return a much more laid-back and beautiful Bynes was seen attending classes as a fashion designer while the young woman deleted her account from Twitter comments linking her to an unbalanced past.

However, parental custody came to an end this month, at which point the former actress moved to the Orange County neighborhood, also in Los Angeles but far from the valley where she lived with her parents. According to friends of the family told different media, his condition quickly deteriorated again under the use of marijuana and other medications. Bynes will have to appear before the authorities on October 23 when, given her record and the new violation of her probation, she could be sentenced to spend time in jail.