July 29, 2021

Jay Z’s Audemars Piguet Royal Oak is the near-perfect watch

* This article about the Audemars Piguet by Jay Z was originally published in the US edition of GQ.

The combination of generalized vaccines and the playoffs of the NBA means that large celebrities and their big watches they are back on the court. The start of the second round has already given us a lot to look at, including the Jay-Z, Trevor Noah and Bryan Cranston watches. However, those who sit on the court are not the only ones who improve their game. Gamers and great watch collectors secretly like Danny Green They are also pulling the best pieces out of their watch boxes for their trips to the stadium.

James Devaney

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak de Jay-Z

During the last years, Audemars Piguet has relied on this specific combination – openwork dial and perpetual calendar – to flex its watchmaking power. More recently, the brand has manufactured this black and white ceramic clockWatches as popular with celebrities as the Calabasas mansions. But Jay’s version, in 18-carat pure gold, could be the absolute peak of all models Royal Oak. For Jay, this apex-predator watch is just one in his arsenal to be on the court. He takes this seriously, trading 1-of-1 custom Rolex watches and flashy Hublots depending on the showdown.

James Devaney

El Rolex Oyster Perpetual de Bryan Cranston

He’s the one who ticks! Thanks to your Rolex, that is. Cranston carries one of the best Rolex launches of 2020 : an Oyster Perpetual with a fire orange sphere. The watch is inspired by the lacquered dial pieces from the 1980s known as Rolex with “Stella” dial. The watches take their name from a manufacturer, named Stella, naturally, who originally supplied the dials decades ago.

It’s a great watch … but! It’s hard not to feel like a missed opportunity. The orange sphere piece launched alongside a buffet of colorful pieces, including one with a blue dial that perfectly matches Cranston’s character’s signature ice blue meth hue sold in Breaking Bad .