August 3, 2021

Jennifer Lopez in a long dress with ‘cut out’ slits

The same thing happens every season: there is a trend that begins to impose itself little by little, almost without realizing it. We started by seeing it on the catwalks. Then he makes the leap to social networks by the hand of influencers, to street looks in the ‘street style’ and also in the red carpets of the famous ones. Finally it is the turn of the ‘low cost’ firms and by that time it is already a plague that we do not stop seeing at all hours and in any type of style.

Well We already have that dominant trend of this summer 2021: the ‘cut out’ openings. In long dresses, also short, in tops, jumpsuits … They are simple cuts on the sides of the waist (they can be one or more) that show some skin but without being excessive either. Before you put your hands to your head and think ‘this is not for me’, we have to tell you that it is very flattering.

This is so because it creates an optical effect that visually stylizes the figure, as well as providing a rejuvenating and fresh air to the look. As the best way to show you is with an example, Here’s Jennifer Lopez’s latest street look.

The singer has opted for a long white summer dress with a nude top, with wide straps and a flowing and flowing skirt. The openings are in the nude part, just above the waist and below the chest. They are small, subtle but follow this trend to the letter.

Jennifer Lopez in a long ‘cut out’ dress.


The fall of the design already stylizes the figure enough but the truth is that those ‘cut out’ manage to further enhance this effect. The singer has combined it with a handbag of the same color.

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