August 5, 2021

Netflix: 3 new movies to get you through the cold days

The new movies on the Netflix platform.

If you got bored of always looking at the same thing or you got tired of looking for new stories in Netflix and not find, we recommend 3 movies that you are going to love and that were recently added to the platform. A spoiler? Suspense, laughter and animals for cold days.

Disomnia (2021)

From director Mark Raso, the film by Science fiction tells the story of an unthinkable global event that destroys all electronic gadgets and eliminates humanity’s ability to sleep. This causes the chaos to begin to quickly reverberate around the world.

A woman (Gina Rodriguez) with a troubled past may be the key to getting a cure. To save the world, she must face the possibility that she herself will lose her mind.

A Little Favor (2018)

The movie added in Netflixdirected by Paul Feig tells the story of Stephanie Ward (Anna Kendrick), a young widow, mom and blogger who is enjoying some success in the digital world. Her best friend is Emily Nelson (Blake Lively, protagonista de Gossip Girl), an attractive and mysterious woman with the gift to fascinate anyone, who is married to Sean (Henry Golding) and has a son named Nicky (Ian Ho).

Emily asks Stephie to pick her son up at the school. She agrees, goes for the child and takes him home to wait for the mother, but this never happens as the mother disappears without a trace. Worried about her friend, Stephanie begins to find out what may have happened and starts an investigation that will lead her to discover surprising things.

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And finally, we recommend you in Netflix:

Cats: An Ode to Cat Love (2020)

The famous feline Abatutu presents a compilation of home videos of cats, with a story told to make everything more fun. Special for cat lovers, it will be pure gold for them. Directed by Mark Verkerk.

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