July 24, 2021

Oscars 2021: We tell you where to see all the nominated films

The Oscars 2021 are just around the corner and the expectation is at its highest for the possibility of meeting a new winner of the Award to Best film of the year, Best Actress / Actor, Best Supporting Actress / Actor, Best screenplay, among many others. After a complicated 2020, the ceremony of the Oscar awards They seek to remove the atypical and leave behind, even for a moment, the tumultuous situation that we have experienced since the beginning of 2020; with a ceremony that promises much more than a simple surprise. And we are not only talking about the ceremony, we must also consider the havoc that the film industry itself has had to survive to bring us the great productions that are currently contending to take home the award.

Although cinemas and productions have been hit hard in this period of time, in recent years we have seen the platforms of streaming stand firm as strong candidates to take power within this type of ceremonies, where every day we see more frequently than the productions of Netflix, Amazon prime O Apple Tv +, monopolize many of the categories to receive recognition for the best of the year in cinematographic terms. So if your excitement is at its peak and you can’t wait any longer for see all movies nominated in these Oscars 2021, here we show you where to prepare before the ceremony that will take place this April 25.


Counting with 10 nominations, the film directed by David Fincher (nominated for Best Director), starring Gary Oldman (nominated for Best Actor); is one of the most serious bets of the night when telling the story of Herman Mankiewicz, screenwriter of Citizen Kane in the 40s.

Available in: Netflix.

Mank, starring Gary Oldman.

© Netflix


Written and directed by Chloe Zhao, Nomadland is the clear contender to take the statuette for Best Film, Director and Actress (Frances McDormand). The film that tells the story of Fern, a woman who leaves her town to embark on a journey through the western United States, after losing everything due to the economic crisis; adapting a nomadic lifestyle.

Available in: Cinemas (from April 15).

Frances McDormand is the favorite for Best Picture, Nomadland.

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The Father

The starring by Anthony Hopkins Y Olivia Colman, is nominated for 6 Oscar awards and tells the story of an 83-year-old man who rejects all help from his daughter as she ages, in a representation of family relationships as old age increases.

Available in: Cinemas.

Olivia Colman y Anthony Hopkins en The Father.

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Judas And The Black Messiah

One of the nominees for Best film, Judas And The Black Messiah, is about William O’Neal’s agreement with the FBI to infiltrate the Black Panther Party to gather information on its president Fred Hampton (the nominee for Best Supporting Actor Daniel Kaluuya).

Available in: Cinemas.

Judas and the Black Messiah.

© Everett Collection Inc / Alamy Stock Photo


Written and directed by Lee Isaac Chung, Threatening tells the story of a Korean-American family that moves to a farm in the state of Arkansas, in search of the American dream. It has 6 nominations for the Oscars 2021.

Available in: Cinemas (release date to be confirmed).

Minari, a film by Lee Isaac Chung.

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Promising Young Woman

Promising Young Woman is nominated in five categories, including Best Picture, Best Direction, and Screenplay (Emerald Fennell) and Best Actress (Carey Mulligan). The acclaimed film piece tells the life of a young woman who seeks revenge from all the men who have hurt her throughout her life.

Available in: Cinemas.

Carey Mulligan en Promising Young Woman.

© Photo taken from scene from Promising Young Woman (2020).

Sound Of Metal

By losing his hearing, the life of Ruben Stone (Ahmed Rice), a drummer in a heavy metal band, changes completely. With 6 nominations, this film is the strongest bet on the part of the Amazon streaming platform to win recognition in the nominations of the Oscars 2021.

Available in: Amazon Prime Video.

The Trial Of The Chicago 7

This piece that brings together a great cast like Sacha Baron Cohen, Eddie Redmayne, Mark Rylance, among others; resumes the trial of seven people accused of conspiracy, after the youth revolutions of the 1960s. Oscars 2021, has 6 nominations, including that of Best film.

Available in: Netflix.

The Trial of the Chicago 7.


One Night In Miami

The reenactment of the night of February 25, 1964, in Miami; where Cassius Clay, Jim Brown, Malcolm X Y Sam Cooke, discuss the responsibility of being successful men of color and the repercussions this has on the civil rights movement. It is nominated for 3 awards.

Available in: Amazon Prime Video.

Cassius Clay, Jim Brown, Malcolm X y Sam Cooke en One Night in Miami.

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Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom

This is the last appearance of Chadwick Boseman on the big screen, Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom, is based on his homonymous work written by August Wilson and tells the story of the blues singer Ma Rainey’s and her band in a recording studio in 1927. This film has 5 nominations, among which Boseman’s own stand out for Best Actor and that of Viola Davis for Best Actress.

Available in: Netflix.

Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom.

© David Lee

Pieces of a Woman

Starring the Best Actress nominee Vanessa Kirby Y Shia LaBeouf, Pieces of a Woman It encompasses the life of a couple and the change in their relationship after losing their baby to the negligence of a midwife.

Available in: Netflix.

Vanessa Kirby en Pieces of a Woman.

© Benjamin Loeb / Netflix

Borat Subsequent Moviefilm

After 14 years, Sacha Baron Cohen returns with the mythical character of Borat, in a political satire that covers the character’s return to the United States in the middle of the 2020 presidential elections, now accompanied by his 15-year-old daughter. This comedy / mockumentary is nominated for 2 Academy Awards.

Available in: Amazon Prime Video.

Borat Subsequent Moviefilm, the sequel I have waited for 14 years.

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The favorite to win the award for Best Animated Film and nominated in total for 3 Oscar awardsIt was Pixar’s big bet; to premiere in this confusing year. The animation giant’s bet was through a story worth seeing and repeating over and over again where music and passion come together to show a music teacher (and all of us) the true meaning of living.

Available in: Disney+.

Soul the favorite Pixar film to win the award for Best Animated Film.

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Probably overshadowed by his ‘opponent’ Soul, in the category of Best Animated Film, Wolfwalkers tells the story of a young hunter who befriends a wolf, at a time when they were considered malevolent creatures. Wolfwalkers marks Apple’s foray into the world of animation.

Available in: Apple TV+.