July 24, 2021

What is the origin of the monsters in A Quiet Place? The director, John Krasinski, explained it

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The monsters of A Quiet Place They are no longer a mystery to movie fans: we explain to you where the creatures that are guided by sound come from.

This one has spoilers for A Quiet Place 2.

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After 3 years of the first installment and more than a year of delay due to the closure of cinemas in the world, John Krasinski released the second part of the acclaimed A Quiet Place.

As expected, the new story answered some questions from part one; one of them was what is the origin of the monsters that caused the apocalypse?

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On A Quiet Place It was revealed that the world’s population was threatened by mysterious creatures that struck deadly when they heard a noise.

The story also showed some weaknesses of the monsters, such as static generated by devices with some frequency and their blindness; however, how they got to Earth was still a mystery.

A Quiet Place 2 showed that monsters are just as mysterious to the movie universe as they are to the audience, but they pulled together a few threads to find their origin and new weaknesses.

Before the apocalypse, Lee Abbott learned of the monsters’ arrival while in a store through a newscast on television.

According to the broadcast, the planet was the victim of falling meteorites carrying noise-sensitive creatures. Later, the Abbott family gathers clues with newspaper clippings announcing the attack as an alien invasion.

In reality, the headlines of the universe of A Quiet Place they were speculation rather than confirmation, as there was also the theory that the monsters were part of an experiment that got out of control or a new species emerged on Earth.

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However, the pieces of the puzzle come together, as the first meteorite fell in Mexico, then Singapore and the United States.

The Abbott family was smart enough to discover the creatures’ weaknesses and protect themselves from them for some time.

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A Quiet Place 2 also revealed that monsters cannot swim in a scene where Cillian Murphy’s character flees into the sea and a creature drowns while chasing them.

Therefore, it can be intuited that the monsters of A Quiet Place They come from an unknown planet, but dry, because they never learned to swim, they still do not adapt to the aquatic bodies of the Earth and water is another of their weaknesses.

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Another clue to confirm that they are extraterrestrial beings is Lee’s son’s obsession with the space rocket that was responsible for ending his life in the first film.

This element was not only a childish taste, but a signal that indicated a space presence on Earth and that, probably, the only salvation for humans is a ship that takes them to another planet.

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In an interview with the podcast of Empire, director John Krasinski confirmed that the monster species belongs to an alien community whose planet exploded and they landed on Earth.

According to Krasinski, the monsters originate from a planet where there is no light and are “An evolutionarily perfect machine” They developed armor to protect themselves from threats and survive the explosion of their home planet.

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“I wanted to break all the rules or conventions that I had seen in the alien movies, which is like a speech by the president and the people deciding how to survive.

There was no decision, it just happened so fast that you survived or not. So it puts these people in a really tense place, ”the director said of the monsters in A Quiet Place.

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