July 24, 2021

Daniela Santiago, Verónica Forqué, Mariona Terés … together against cancer in ‘Mori (r) de amor’

He died of love premiered in March 2020 on The Threshold of Spring, in the heart of Lavapiés (C / Primavera, 11). This melodic-emotional work by Jesus Diaz Morcillo contains the text ‘Rosaura’ by Pablo do Reis.

What is mori (r) of love?

Georgina Rey and Jesús Díaz Morcillo

Daniel tattooed the body of his beloved Rosaura to stop missing her. Now “it is” Rosaura, the manager of the Karaoke of Feelings embodied by the actress Georgina king. A place where people gather to listen to other people’s dramas, laugh and dance them alone. It all starts with a lip sync that, how could it be otherwise in a karaoke, plays the Sun of Mexico, Luis Miguel.

Tonight, Jesús Díaz Morcillo, one of the clients, arrives to tell how he feels after the traumatic death of his mother, from cancer, at the early age of 52 years. What he doesn’t know is the surprise they have in store for him.

Throughout this autofiction, Jesus breaks the fourth wall to overcome, in public and stepping on the boards, the mourning after the death of his mother. He died of love It is a moving work, which makes you swim between comedy and the purest tragedy. His characters unleash histrionic and irrepressible reflections that capture the public’s attention until the last second. The chosen songs intricate a heartbreaking story that makes the viewer bleed. This living story stirs, shakes, and strips away the frivolity with which we take life. This short satirical drama helps raise awareness of the other side of cancer grief: the suffering of the family.

“Death does not exist. People remain ”

In addition, at the exit and to complete the experience with a snack, you can enjoy the artist’s exhibition queer Cao Kaal, an example of the claim of the LGTBQ + collective through art, painting and non-normative bodies.

Jesus Diaz Morcillo

As an actor, Jesús Díaz Morcillo has also participated in numerous theatrical productions directed by Jesús Amate, among which stands out 1940 variant, a tribute to Karl Valentin’s Berlin cabaret where he played up to seven characters in each performance. He has also participated in short films such as Chico by Julia Duato, still unreleased, and in the last season of Shame (Movistar +). He is currently shooting the Bob Pop series Lost fagot (TNT).

Every day, a different actress is part of the show representing the mother of Jesus: Eva Llorach, Belén Fabra, Elisabet Gelabert, Ruth Núñez, Clara Garrido, Bárbara Santa Cruz, Daniela Santiago, Pepe Viyuela, Melani Olivares, Mariona Terés and many more . On the next Saturdays in December, Verónica Forqué, Pepa Aniorte and Jesús Barranco will die of love. You do not miss the hype.