August 1, 2021

Challenges, tutorials and interviews: the 8 Hollywood actors who became “youtubers”

Many stars of Hollywood They turned to social networks and platforms like YouTube to show their skills away from the world of acting. Cooking, sports, viral challenges, interviews and even makeup classes are some of the things that celebrities prefer to do from the comfort of their homes to keep in touch with their followers. Apparently they are not doing bad at all.

Ryan Reynolds. The actor has a YouTube channel that he opened with the aim of promoting the films he works on. He also shares some short interviews he does with some colleagues, including his friend Hugh Jackman, whom he met during the filming of Wolverine and with whom he lives joking on Instagram. The protagonist of Deadpool has a large number of subscribers: 2,700,000.

The actor uses the YouTube channel to promote the films he works on. (Photo: Instagram / @ vancityreynolds)

Jack Black. The protagonist of School of Rock opened his YouTube channel three years ago. There, away from the film sets, he surprised by showing his gamer side. Some time later he began to add other activities such as, for example, the visits he makes to different places. It has 4,900,000 subscribers.

The actor has had a YouTube channel since 2018. (Photo: AP)

Brie Larson. The actress who gave life to Captain Marvel He decided to venture into YouTube at the end of 2020. In his case, he takes advantage of different tutorials he finds on the Internet to put them into practice and have fun with his followers.

Larson ventured into YouTube since the end of 2020. (Photo: DPA)

On the material he shares with his 633,000 subscribers (a number not at all bad considering that she started on the video platform less than a year ago) she can be seen doing exercise routines and having talks on different topics. In addition, he shares a passion with Black: he is a gamer. For this reason, the theme is very present in his videos.

Dwayne Johnson. Popularly known as ‘The Rock’, the actor created a YouTube channel to talk about his life, promote films in which he acts and show himself in everyday situations. He is very active sharing material every few weeks with his more than five million followers.

Dwayne Johnson is very active on his YouTube channel. (Photo: AP)

Will Smith. The protagonist of Men in black has 9,300,000 subscribers. On his channel, he has a profile quite similar to Johnson’s because he often talks about his hobbies and the people around him. He also uses his outreach to deliver awareness messages.

Smith has nearly 10 million subscribers to his YouTube channel. (Photo: AFP)

At the end of 2019 he published a video where he showed how a colonoscopy was performed and encouraged all his followers not to stop visiting the doctor and the corresponding checks are made. In her case, in addition to raising awareness, she was very surprised because they detected a precancerous polyp. Thanks to having detected it in time, it was successfully intervened.

Zac Efron. The actor who was consecrated with High School Musical and from there he began a career that did not stop, he also has his YouTube channel.

On his channel, Efron often shows off his demanding workout routines. (Photo. AFP)

Among the material he shares with his one and a half million subscribers, he can be seen training and practicing different sports.

John Krasinski. The actor of The Office He decided to open a YouTube channel during the early days of the pandemic with the aim of giving his followers a distraction at this difficult time. Therefore, he decided to baptize that space as Some Good News (Some good news) and offered one chapter per week.

Actor and director John Krasinski. (Photo: AP)

In his case, his virtual initiative had a lot of support because he had renowned interviewees, such as director Steven Spielberg, host Oprah Winfrey and even the Jonas Brothers.

Jason Momoa. The actor who put himself in the shoes of Aquaman He has a YouTube channel with more than 1,400,000 subscribers. There he moves away from acting for a while and refers to another of his passions: directing. For this reason, among the material he shares, it is normal to see some shorts that he himself makes.

Momoa has more than a million followers on YouTube. (Photo: REUTER)