August 1, 2021

Colin Firth and Livia Giuggioli show that they are two ‘ex’ very well matched

Colin Firth and Livia Giuggioli (Maiden name) announced their divorce on December 13 after 22 years of relationship. A separation that became public after two years of rumors, since the Italian film producer had had an affair with a friend of the couple that came to light after a controversial case of harassment. At that time, both claimed to be “united by the love they feel for their children”, since they have two children in common: Luca, 17, and Matteo, and 14, who were born in Rome. Now, it is shown that this break has not only ended in a “close friendship” facing the gallery, since Colin and Livia have spent New Years together, welcoming 2020 with several friends. It was the Italian who has shared images of the evening on social networks.


“That’s how we end and that’s how we begin,” Livia wrote on her social networks, where he shared the image with his ex-partner. The truth is that this friendship has been applauded by many followers of the Italian production company. “You are an example for everyone, your children will be proud of you”, was one of the phrases that can be read in the woman’s post. In the images you can see the friends of the ex-marriage, all smiling celebrating the end of 2019 and the arrival of 2020.

These images of normalcy happen two weeks after the announcement of their divorce. This story began two years ago, when the couple decided to go to the Italian authorities (they live in Rome) for a series of messages from a family friend. These messages, interpreted as harassment by Colin Firth and his former wife, Livia. Marco Brancaccia, a journalist, had an affair with the Italian producer, which led to these messages. A friend of an actor from Love Actually revealed that the defendant had sent him an email “everything he had been doing with his wife for a year” with hurting her to “break her heart.”


Brancaccia, for his part, assured that these threatening messages did not exist. Livia, for her part, came to feel harassed and persecuted in the street, as a result of the psychosis of the situation. Colin Firth and his wife were very discreet about how this affected the marriage. Two years later, the divorce is announced. In the statement sent by the ex-partner, there is no reference to the scandal. With this New Year’s Eve, the British actor shows with his ex-wife that the separation has been, as they said, very friendly. An example of how to live a divorce.

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