July 28, 2021

discover this movie menu inspired by unforgettable movies

They have always formed a fabulous tandem the cinema and gastronomy. And now, once again, they come together again, this time at the initiative of the Hotel The Westin Palace Madrid that from June 16 to August 27 will exhibit under its mythical dome a selection of costumes from the golden age of American cinema shot in Madrid and made by the renowned Cornejo Tailor Shop. In addition, to accompany this sample, it will offer the possibility of having a menu, in the restaurant The Rotunda, inspired by those unforgettable movies.

In addition to its connection with the world of celluloid, for a few months now The Westin Palace Madrid and Sastrería Cornejo are also joined by their belonging to the Centennial Commerce Club of Madrid, establishments that are part of the historical and cultural heritage of the city for its beauty and permanence in economic activity within the same commercial sector throughout generations.

As a welcome to the club, and to celebrate its centenary The Westin Palace, Madrid will host a careful selection of legendary costumes, pieces and images from some of the greatest cinema hits of all time, authentic jewels that have been carefully cared for in its warehouses for decades of films such as El Cid, 55 days in Beijing, The fall of the Roman Empire, Doctor Zhivago and Nicolás and Alejandra.

In addition, the hotel’s executive chef, Jose Luque, has simultaneously created the gastronomic proposal entitled ‘Eating from movies’ which, for 60 euros includes -in addition to drinks-:

  • Russian Tartars: in honor of the impossible love story of the early 20th century in freezing temperatures, Doctor Zhivago. The presence of Russia, as the setting for this masterpiece, has inspired the chef for this composition of smoked sardines, beets, cabbage and trout caviar.
  • Beijing Roll 55: The history of the Peking duck dates back to the Yuan Dynasty and it was the inspector of the imperial kitchens who wrote the 1st recipe for this delicacy. In a nod to the 1963 blockbuster, 55 Days in Beijing.
  • Octopus wheels with polenta porridge, sauce garum and slices of unleavened bread: evoking the gastronomic techniques of the period recreated in The fall of the Roman Empire, the chef has used the sauce for this dish garum, a very popular sauce in ancient Rome and an unleavened bread that was cooked at that time without yeast.

  • Roasted Castilian lamb shoulder, tender leaves and sweet chives: lamb from the lands of Castile is the raw material that has inspired the chef to gastronomically recall the feature film El Cid, starring the unforgettable Charlton Heston in 1961 whose dress looks flawless under the dome, 50 years later.
  • Russian cake with vodka raspberry cream: one of the cruelest stories of the early 1900s is wonderfully recreated in Nicolas and Alexandra, the sweet note is put by this delicious dessert of Russian tradition, revisited by José Luque.

In the 60s, The Westin Palace Madrid reminded a movie set where you could meet the great stars of Hollywood enjoying a cocktail under the dome.

Cary Grant he did not miss the famous dry Martini from the Palace Bar, A Rita Hayworth he loved to have a margarita, Orson Welles took negroni, David Niven adored the whisky on the rocks, Marlon brando He was a stalwart of gin and tonic and Ava Gardner the barman from the Palace have dedicated a blue cocktail made up of vodka, coconut shake, curaçao and sugar.

This summer the hotel proposes to discover your favorite drinks in the 1912 Museum-Bar (12 euros per cocktail). A great plan.

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