August 1, 2021

Actress Felicity Huffman, released on bail, and her daughters targeted for college fraud

The well-known Hollywood actresses Felicity Huffman Y Lori Loughlin They are among the 50 people charged with the largest college fraud in the United States. In addition to the aforementioned Hollywood stars, the list includes well-known businessmen, as well as several trainers, who are accused of having participated in bribes for their children to enter elite universities such as Yale, Stanford, Georgetown or the University of California, Los Angeles. According to the court documents to which he has had access The Hollywood Reporter, those involved allegedly paid large sums of money – up to 5.7 million euros – for their son to enter these highly prestigious universities in the United States.


The fraud began in 2011 at a small college prep company based in Newport Beach, California, as explained by Massachusetts District Attorney General Andrew Lelling, and consisted of bribes of coaches, fake examiners and even manipulated photos that misrepresent non-athletic hopefuls as elite competitors to admit the children of wealthy parents. “For every student admitted for fraud, an honest and genuinely talented student was turned away,” Lelling lamented.

The court documents state that one of the directors of this company met with Felicitty Huffman, star of Mdesperate women, and her husband, also an actor William H. Macy, 58, at his home in Los Angeles to explain the extortion plan and the procedure they had to follow if they wanted their son to study at university without having to go through the previous procedures. Part of the plan was to encourage parents to pretend to administrators that their children had learning disabilities to allow them more time to take the exam, in addition to correcting entrance tests by false examiners or bribes. Huffman and her husband are accused of camouflaging € 13,000 as a charitable donation to help their eldest daughter, Sofia, 18, pass the entrance exam. Huffman’s daughter took the test in December 2017 and scored 1,420 points, a 400-point improvement over the first test she took. Huffman and Macy have another daughter Georgia, who will turn 17 on March 14.


After jumping the scandal, the actress of Desperate women came a declare yesterday to the court of Los Angeles dressed in navy blue and with glasses, a disheveled appearance. Magistrate Judge Alexander MacKinnon ordered the release of Huffman with a bond of 221,000 euros before his next statement, on March 29 in Boston. Her husband, the actor William H. Macy, known for movies like Fargo or the hit television series Shameless, went to court and sat in the front row. Macy he has not been charged in the case, although he is also being investigated.

The case of the actress Lori Loughlin, known for her participation in the series Forced Parents, and her husband, the businessman Mossimo Giannulli, They are accused of paying 443,000 euros in exchange for their two daughters being selected for the rowing team at the University of Southern California, something that guaranteed their admission to the center and in which they have not been able to compete. During the trial, Lori’s husband could be seen who came dressed in a hooded sweatshirt. After giving a statement, the judge ordered his release after paying a bail of 900,000 euros.

His daughter, Olivia Jade, like the rest of the children of the stars pointed out for fraud, is in the spotlight. The daughter of Lori Loughlin, with more than 1.3 million followers on Instagram and almost 2 million subscribers on YouTube, He used his university profile to reach advertising agreements with big brands such as Amazon or Smile. On his channel Jade even published a video in which he boasted of his luxurious university life and gave very little importance to his studies. “I do want to live the experience of match days, parties … I don’t care too much about classes, as you already know.” Jade was forced to post a video apologizing for that comment, but did not delete the video from her account.

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