July 31, 2021

Famous people who have suffered from skin cancer

May is the month of awareness about the causes and measures to prevent the skin cancer, the most common type of cancer.

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The World Health Organization (WHO) highlights that one of the main death cause is cancer, last year 19.3 million cases were diagnosed, of which 10 million died.

The most diagnosed type of cancer was breast cancer, followed by lung, colorectal, prostate, skin and gastric.

1.20 million were detected cases of skin cancer, not melanoma, however, is not among the main types of cancer that caused the highest number of deaths last year.

The international body emphasizes that between 30% and 50% of cancers can be prevented, for this, it is necessary to reduce the risk factor’s, which includes early detection and treatment.

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If caught early and treated appropriately, the chances of Recovery for many types of cancer they are excellent, indicates the WHO.

Several celebrities have suffered from skin cancer and have become a spokesperson for the fight against it disease, especially talking about how to prevent it. ‘

Between 30% and 50% of cancers can be prevented, for this, it is necessary to reduce risk factors.

If caught early and treated properly, the chances of recovery for many cancers are excellent, says the WHO.

Last year 19.3 million cases were diagnosed, of which 10 million died.

Hugh Jackman

The case of the Australian actor is one of the best known. “Don’t be dumb like me, get checkups and wear sunscreen,” Jackman wrote in a 2013 Instagram post.

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Jackman had a basal cell carcinoma and it started as a spot on the nose, in 2013 it was removed for the first time, however, in 2016 it was operated on for the sixth time.

“I went to the beach without sun protection and all the things that have happened to me are damage 25 or 30 years ago, “he told” Icon “magazine.

He added: “I think young people should know. If they see that Wolverine is wearing Solar protection, just as they also put it on “.

Melanie Griffith

In 2018, Griffith finished his medical sessions to finish a melanoma that he had on his nose. In a post on Instagram, he warned about the risks of exposing himself to the sun without protection.

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“Bandaged again after the dermoabrasion, the final step to cure the last skin cancer cells that had already been removed, “wrote Antonio Banderas’ ex-wife.

Caitlyn Jenner

Kylie and Kendall Jenner’s father underwent a surgery in 2017, to remove cancerous tissue from the nose.

“I was diagnosed with a form of melanoma called squamous cell carcinoma and I had to have Mohs surgery to remove it,” Jenner said.

Nicole Kidman

The Australian actress and producer confessed some years ago that she had skin cancer on one of her legs due to sun exposure since childhood.

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Elizabeth Taylor

In 2002, the actress was diagnosed with basocelular carcinoma on the cheek. For two and a half months Taylor underwent harsh radiotherapy treatment.

Ewan McGregor

“I had a little skin cancer under my eye,” confessed McGregor, who added that he must be very careful with the exposition prolonged in the sun.

Jane Fonda

In 2019, Fonda revealed to the magazine “Vogue” that she has suffered in several episodes of cancer. The actress claimed to be a “sun worshiper“, which has affected her skin, a cancerous tumor was removed from her lip.

At the 2016 Golden Globe Awards, he strategically chose his dress to disguise the trace of recovery from a mastectomy, surgical removal of one or both breasts partially or completely.

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