July 24, 2021

Jackie Chan’s Risky, Craziest Stunts – Movie News

After more than 50 years in the film industry, the famous Asian actor has become one of the leaders in action films and martial arts.

Jump through glass by jumping from a moving bus? Fall to the ground from a height of more than 30 meters? Take a ride hanging from a helicopter avoiding obstacles? These are some of the most surprising stunts that we can see in films starring Jackie Chan. All of them with little or no protection, and without special effects. Some scenes that, after knowing that they are totally real, will leave you even more impressed.

With more than 200 film projects under his belt, Jackie Chan is a key name in the best action and martial arts films. In addition, the famous Asian actor won an Honorary Oscar in 2016 after 50 years in the film industry. An extensive career –not only as an actor, but also as a director or producer– that endorse its recognition throughout the world. We tell you five of the most incredible stunts that Jackie Chan has executed.

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In 1983 he came to the big screen Project A, the movie that introduced a martial arts style for the most dangerous stunts. In one of the scenes Jackie Chan has to fall from the top of a tower to the ground. A very risky stunt. Not only because of the height, but also because there was nothing to soften the fall. Two simple awnings, according to the decoration of the scene, were in charge of cushioning. Fifteen meters is the distance between the ground and the watch when it is released.

Jackie Chan is one of the most perfectionist actors so the result of the scene did not convince him. Therefore, he repeated the scene a second time with an unconvincing result so he repeated a third time. And, as they say, the third time lucky. The Asian actor gets what he wanted: a clean fall in which we see him get up and continue acting without problem.

THE ENDLESS FACADE – ‘Who am I?’ (1998)

Directed by Jackie Chan himself, Who I am? Follow the protagonist on his quest to quickly escape from the enemies that are chasing him. One of the scenes in the film was shot on top of Willersmerf, a 24-storey building with a 45º-inclined part of the façade. But that is not the only difficulty. The façade ends in a ledge that, if it cannot hold on, falls into space. This stunt is considered one of the most dangerous ever made in film history. It took the martial arts expert over two weeks to get the courage it takes for this scene. In addition, it is surprising that the only protection he had was some reinforcements under his clothing to cushion the blows.

HELICOPTER RIDE – ‘Police Story 3: Supercop’ (1992)

Police Story 3: Supercop has some of the most incredible stunts recorded in movie history. And not only we say it. “Police Story 3! A movie that probably contains the best stunts, even including Buster Keaton. The best stunts ever recorded on any movie“Said filmmaker Quentin Tarantino. The movie is packed with incredible moments, including a scene with a helicopter. The impressive stunt begins with the actor jumping from the roof of a building onto the ladder dangling from a helicopter. Then there is a short walk above the city with obstacles of all kinds along the way. These types of scenes are usually recorded on a green background and with all kinds of special effects. But with the master of martial arts there is never a trick, the whole scene was recorded in a real way and in the instant. This is really getting into the role!

JUMPING THE BUS – ‘Police Story 2’ (1988)

One of the most shocking scenes in Police Story 2 it has an unforeseen end. Before that, Jackie Chan chains a series of impressive actions that leave us with the roof open to the spectators. The scene begins with a jump into a moving truck and, from that same vehicle, jumps into a moving bus. Already on top of the bus, the actor has to dodge several posters. And, to finish the scene, a jump towards a large window. Here comes the flashy, The crystal is real! Jumping off the bus, Jackie Chan misses his target. The production team had placed a fake crystal to perform this move, but instead of going through it, I jumped into a real crystal.

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ELECTRIC DESCENT – ‘Police Story’ (1985)

One of Jackie Chan’s most iconic stunts is the one that happens in the supermarket at the end of Police Story. The actor must descend thirty meters to the ground, sliding down a metal bar. For more spectacularity, electric strings are connected to the metal bar. “I said I’m going to die”, confessed the actor himself. The cushioning of the fall occurs through a window to a cart full of sweets. The fall was one of the riskiest in Jackie Chan’s career: no gloves to protect his hands and no mattress to fall. After the fall and having fully recovered consciousness, the actor realized that he had hurt himself. An impressive scene without being exempt from pain: second degree burns to the hands, broken vertebrae and electric shocks.