August 2, 2021

Jeffrey Wright to be the new Batman in a new HBO Max podcast

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Expectations regarding the next film of Batman, directed by Matt Reeves, are constantly on the rise … especially by those who doubt that Robert Pattinson can embody an exemplary “Dark Knight.”

the batman robert pattinson
DC Comics via IMDB

Of course, to liven up the wait for the film, there is no shortage of alternative materials such as “courtesy” from DC. As an example of this, the podcast will be available soon Batman: The Audio Adventures, an anthology of stories of the well-known hero in comic tone.

Jeffrey Wright Commissioner Gordon Explains The Batmobile The Batman 2

According to an exclusive report fromThe Hollywood Reporter, the sought-after material will air on HBO Max and will feature clever screenplays devised by Dennis McNicholas, the lead writer for Saturday Night Live.

Regarding the actor who will play Batman out loud on the podcast, it is known that the chosen one was Jeffrey Wright, who is also Commissioner Gordon in the Matt Reeves tape.

Although Wright will not characterize himself as Batman in front of the public (but perhaps he will do it behind the scenes) his imposing voice will be key to maintaining the mysterious touch of the hero, even in scripts that will prioritize comedy.

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Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

While it may seem obvious, it is worth noting that this new podcast will not be related to the DCEU, nor will it be related to the other radio projects that DC prepares for Spotify (such as Batman Unburied).

In case the unmistakable voice of Wright and the “jokes of occasion” related to Gotham City did not seem enough to follow the podcast, the report assures that the material will be adorned by the voice of other familiar faces: Rosario Dawson, Jason Sudeikis, Alan Tudyk and John Leguizamo, just to mention a few.

Batman: The Audio Adventures will debut sometime in 2021, so it will certainly serve as the calendar moves forward to March 4, 2022, the projected date for The Batman hit movie theaters.

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