July 24, 2021

Lele Pons spent her birthday with one of Jennifer Lopez’s exes and captured the moment

Lele Pons, is an Internet celebrity, singer, model, comedian, presenter and Venezuelan-American youtuber. The singer was considered “The most influential Venezuelan in the world” by Time magazine and was awarded in the international category of the Streamy Awards. Lele Pons She was officially named by Forbes magazine as the most influential Spanish-speaker on social media worldwide, at just 21 years old. The influencer, who is also related to Chayannne because she is the niece of the singer’s wife, Marilisa Maronese, celebrated her birthday in style with several celebrity guests.

Lele Pons She spent her 25th birthday surrounded by her closest friends like Hannah Stocking and Juanpa among others, as well as having some special guests. This is how the influencer celebrated her birthday with nothing more and nothing less than Marc Anthony.