July 24, 2021

Sylvie or Lady Loki as a child: her story on TVA in Disney’s Loki +

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At the start of the series Loki, the TVA captures and recruits the god to help them stop one of their variants, who at first seemed to be the villain of the Disney + show, but as the chapters progress it seems that the true villain is the TVA.

During chapter 3, ‘Lamentis’, a little more of Sylvie, the variant of Loki, is revealed. Sylvie has been on the run from TVA for years and lost her mother so long ago that she no longer remembers her.

lady loki serie
Marvel Studios

In addition, it is discovered that the agents who work for the TVA were not created by the Time Keepers as had been led to believe, but are variants and probably do not know it, forced to serve them forever.

On June 24, Marvel revealed a new trailer, focusing on Sylvie. The series will develop the character in each chapter. Tom Hiddleston, who plays Loki, said, “Expect the unexpected.”

Marvel Studios

In the trailer an Asgardian girl with black hair appears on TVA, apparently Sylvie, which perhaps indicates that her timeline was destroyed and therefore she fled and seeks revenge.

So far, it appears that the TVA’s destruction of timelines and variants is unimportant, but Sylvie could change that, showing the effects of those decisions.

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Apparently, Sylvie doesn’t just want to destroy the TVA, she wants to free the multiverse and all its variants from the control of the Time Keepers.

Elsewhere in the trailer, Sylvie makes a comment about timelines. “The universe wants to be free, so it manifests chaos, like me.”

If Loki continues by his side he may achieve his goal. And if this happens you may stand to the new movie Dr Strange in the multiverse of madness.

You must be on the lookout to discover its history. What do you think will happen to Sylvie?

loki ep 3 lamented
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