August 1, 2021

The 13 best series on HBO of 2021

HBO Spain has been running for a few years now, maintaining the prestige stamp of the American network. In a year of transition to the future HBO Max, the platform does not lose sag and it has delivered us some pretty remarkable series.

So let’s go over the 13 best series that we can see in 2021 on HBO Spain, whether they are original productions or acquired that they have exclusively. For this list, our criteria has been that either they are premiere series, or they have premiered a season on the platform. Go ahead.

‘Blessed patience’ (season 2)

Martin Freeman’s scathing and sincere vision of fatherhood grows (literally the children are now a few years older) continues to be shown as one of those comedies that do not finish reaching the general public but that once you enter them they give it to you everything.

‘Betty’ (temporada 2)

The hottest roller skaters on television have returned with a season 2 that plunges us into a fall of change and responsibility. A series that is a song of love for the city and a lifestyle that physically enjoys it. A series that is a balm to appease our summer.

‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ (Season 4)

Although I think the season has gone from more to less, the dystopia starring Elisabeth Moss continues to have an enviable quality. This new chapter in June’s life has taken us by the hand and has not let go of all her not-so-contained rage with explosive and vibrant episodes.

‘In therapy’ (season 4)

Although we can affirm that without Gabriel Byrne as the serene titular psychologist, the series is not the same, the return of this drama is the best thing that could have happened to us in 2021. Two bodies, two minds, face to face and half an hour for ahead in a whole school of script.

‘Exterminate all the savages’

Halfway between the documentary and the essay (well, closer to the second than the first), Raoul Peck slaps us in the face with a forceful account of colonialism through the ages, slavery and the aftermath that still persist today in the western society of the 21st century.

‘Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist’ (Season 2)

Its cancellation last May is one of the most painful in recent times. This musical dramedia was able to get us out of our boredom to start singing and dancing with the proposal starring Jane Levy. A season that, even preserving some of the flaws of the first installment, manages to embrace us through great moments.

‘Generate + ion’

I promise I didn’t expect to enjoy this teen comedy so much that it seems to complement ‘Euphoria’ in its portrayal of these new generations and their journey in search of themselves. She is cynical, honest and refreshing.

‘It’s a Sin’

Russell T. Davies returns to thrill us with the chronicle of a groups of homosexual friends and how they live their lives as the deadly ghost of AIDS begins to sweep through London in the eighties. As festive as it is tough and with an absolutely radiant cast.

‘The Lady and the Dale’

Within all the offer of criminal and criminal cases that we have, the approach to the figure of Elizabeth Carmichael and the fiasco of the Dale, the three-wheeled car that never saw the light, is surprising. A very interesting exploration in documentary format that mixes different animation techniques to explore the many aspects of Liz and this case.

‘Mare of Easttown’

The firm candidate for miniseries of the year brings us to a superb Kate Winslet in a drama that navigates between the police and the familiar, set in a town where everyone knows each other. A fiction that, beyond the mystery to be solved, puts at the center the spectrum of emotions that the protagonists go through.

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‘The Nevers’

Despite his departure and fall from grace of Joss Whedon and much as HBO “erased” when promoting it, the stamp of the writer in this fantastic series is undeniable. In the good and in the bad. Great setting, very well designed characters and, despite lacking a bit with the plots, it is quite appreciative.

‘Pose’ (season 3)

Murphy recently closed one of his most personal series, scripted by Steven Canals, season 3 of ‘Pose’ has not stopped being festive and something “fairy tale” but also down to earth to give the characters of the Casa de Evangelista the farewell they deserve.

‘Superman & Lois’

It seems silly, but in the midst of a time when we are somewhat oversaturated with superhero adaptations, the father-child adventures of Superman, his wife Lois and their children arrive in a fiction brimming not only with the essence of the dean hero of the comic but also with its story, balancing the tribute well with the new chapter in the lives of the characters.