July 29, 2021

‘The Call’, ‘Harry the Executor’ and more

The last weekend of June 2021 is about to start and in Espinof we were not going to miss our now traditional review of the best cinema that can be seen free open on a Spanish channel of national scope. Today are seven chosen movies. I remind you that the titles that you have not seen or have too forgotten are left out and that in the end you will find a small bonus.

Saturday September 26

‘The first major assault on the train’

A good seemingly impossible heist movie is always appreciated, especially if it has a cast with actors such as Sean Connery and Donald Sutherland. In the present case, it is a bit more complicated than necessary, but it is still an effective hobby.

14:45 at Thirteen

‘Four Weddings and a Funeral’

Four Weddings One Funeral

An iconic ’90s romantic comedy featuring a heavily inspired cast including Hugh Grant. It also helps to have a libretto by Richard Curtis, a true genius of contemporary romantic comedy.

17:10 at 1

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A twisted Paul Verhoeven movie that knows how to handle a thorny premise and squeeze it out without falling into platitudes. His great ally is an excellent and dedicated Isabelle Huppert who understands her character very well and helps to elevate the final result even more.

0:50 in Paramount

Criticism in Espinof

Sunday September 27

‘The couple of the year’

The couple of the year

A sympathetic romantic comedy with a great cast that may not take full advantage of it, but its way of using Hollywood itself within the story leaves several funny moments and can be seen with pleasure.

20:15 in Paramount

‘Harry the executor’

Harry the Executor

A sequel that continues with the previous adventures of Harry Callahan that once again benefits from having Clint Eastwood to give life to the great protagonist of the function. Curious his way of exploring that misogyny that some criticized in the character, but it is fair to recognize that it is further from being the worst than the best installment of the franchise.

22:15 at Thirteen

Criticism in Espinof

‘The call’

The call

A musical vitalist based on the play by Los Javis, also directors of his leap to the big screen. With a cast that exudes naturalness and fun, it is a stimulating film despite not being fully inspired by the changes it makes from the original.

22:30 at La 2

Criticism in Espinof

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Perhaps the best horror comedy of all time. Quite a gem of Joe Dante, who knows how to balance the bad blood of what has enough charm to make it universal. One of the great jewels of entertainment cinema of the 80s.

01:45 on Thirteen

Criticism in Espinof


Below you will find other titles that could have entered the chosen ones, but they were broadcast during the 5 months prior to the premiere and I do not see it necessary to highlight the same titles over and over again.

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  • ‘El indomable Will hunting’: 17:35 en Paramount
  • ‘The ninth door’: 7:45 pm on Sunday at Neox
  • ‘Prisoners’: 21:25 on Sunday on laSexta
  • ‘Spartan’: 02:00 in the morning from Sunday to Monday in Neox