July 24, 2021

The hardest actors to work for in Hollywood

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Maybe they were charming on the screen, that the producers raffled them for them and that their name on the poster of a movie translated into huge box office collections. But that does not prevent that, behind the lights, either by method, behavior or ego, they carry the label of difficult. These are some of the actors from Hollywood which, it has been said, can be difficult to work with.

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Joel Schumacher directed Val Kilmer in 1995 in “Batman Forever”. Just one year later, Entertainment Weekly published a text claiming that the director called it “childish and impossible.” But this is not all. Richard Stanley led Kilmer for three days before he was fired. In those three days, as soon as the actor arrived, the discussion was assured. “I don’t like Val Kilmer, I don’t like his work ethic and I don’t want to associate with him ever again,” said John Frankenheimer, who replaced Stanley.

American actor Val Kilmer in 2012 / EFE

Own Marlon brando, with whom at one point he shared a filming set, had his pluses and minuses with the actor: “Your problem is that you confuse talent with the size of your paycheck,” he said. “I like to take risks and this often gave the impression that he was willing to risk his money, which was silly of me. Now I understand it ”, said the actor in 2017 in a session of Reddit, when they asked him about his “enfant terrible” reputation.


“I may have said a couple of things that you didn’t like, but then that escalated to ‘it’s ungrateful’ and then that amounted to ‘it’s difficult’ and that got to ‘it’s unprofessional,'” actress Katherine Heigl said of her reputation to be a person with whom it is better not to work. “What is your definition of difficult? Someone with an opinion that you don’t like? Let’s see, I’m 42 years old and that pisses me off, “he added during his interview at the Washington Post at the end of January this year.

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Actress Katherine Heigl holds her award for “Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series” at the EFE / Emmy Awards ceremony.

There were several episodes for which they ended up assigning the label “difficult”, such as complaining about the filming schedules of “Grey’s Anatomy”, the series in which he became famous, when they were probably like that to suit his other projects. Also withdraw from the race by Emmy for best supporting actress for her role in the medical-themed series in 2008 was a point against her. “I didn’t feel like they gave me the material this season to justify a nomination,” he said. Many saw a vendetta for having their character removed from the plot.


Over the years, some voices have been raised that described the protagonist of “Ghostbusters” O “Groundhog day” of not being an easy person on set. As published Yahoo In 2019, Richard Dreyfuss said that the filming of “What about Bob?”, 1991, was clouded by the behavior of Murray, “the Irish drunken bully,” as he defined it.

“Sometimes Bill was irrationally mean and unavailable; I was constantly late for the set, “said Harold Ramis, director of” Groundhog Day. ” “What I wanted to say to him is what we say to our children: ‘You don’t have to have tantrums to get what you want. Just say what you want, ‘”he added.

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Actor Bill Murray in 2018 in Germany / EFE

“I remember a friend telling me a year ago weather: ‘You have a reputation.’ And I said, ‘What?’ And he said, ‘Yes, you have a reputation for being difficult to work with,’ “Murray told The Guardian in 2018. “But I only got that reputation from people I didn’t like to work with, or people who didn’t know how to work or what work is,” he added.


The difficulty of working with Edward Norton, protagonist of “Primal Fear” Y “American History X”, seems to lie in his determination to take charge, not only of his interpretation, but of history. Tony Kaye, director of the latter film, said that Norton had interfered with his film, even getting to work on its editing. Speaking to the British newspaper The Guardian, in 2002, the director He stated: “Whenever I argued with Norton, I had no support. I could clean the floor with me because it is a great articulator ”.

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American actor Edward Norton in 2008 in Toronto, Canada / EFE

There are different testimonials to Norton’s drive to change and tweak scripts and not even Marvel got rid of his creative influences in the first and only film of “Hulk” who starred in. By the next installment the studio had switched Norton to Mark Ruffalo. They were looking for someone “who shares the creative and collaborative spirit of the rest of the cast,” they told the media.


In 2018, the Washington Post posted a piece titled “Chavy Chase Can’t Change,” subtitled “The 74-year-old comedy star is sober and ready to go to work. The problem is that nobody wants to work with him ”. That same year, Dani Glover, with whom he worked on the series “Community”, spoke in a profile of the New Yorker about her experience with Chase.

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The American actor Chevy Chase poses in 2009 / EFE

Glover commented that the actor had told him “people think you are funnier because you are black.” And he added that a true artist has to know when his reign is over. Chase did not deny having said it, but rejected the interpretation. Some of those who have worked with him have called him unpleasant, aggressive, conceited, cruel and offensive, among other qualifications.

“What I did is already done. I can’t change anything. And I am old. I no longer have to worry about what I did. I know who I am. People who know me know who I am. And I’m proud of who I am, “the actor reflected on his life in the Washington Post interview.