August 6, 2021

Tucu López: Ping Pong with the announcer that became Sex Symbol

He was a producer, did radio and television. As logic indicates, he was born in Tucumán. He studied at the Universidad del Norte Santo Tomás de Aquino. He made his living recording answering machines for companies, he did dubbing (including for Playboy) and was a theatrical producer in the north. He went through TEA (Taller Escuela Agencia) to complete his studies and, in 2005, participated in the reality show Project 48, produced by TNT and Cuatro Cabezas. He won and was able to direct his short film and then enter TV as a camera assistant.

The road was step by step and one day in 2012 he made a leap to popularity: he made his television debut as the announcer of Crazy Media, the program led by Maju Lozano, with Clemente Cancela and Santiago Calori, for America. Then he was the host of Uplay, at midnight on Telefe. From there on, other media, new formats (he breaks it on social networks) and today the work Sex, I lived your experience by José María Muscari, who became a phenomenon in a pandemic in the “virtual sex” format. Now again presential is presented at Gorriti Art Center. If you didn’t say you had a relationship with Jimena Barón, a part of the exhibition of the last stage of his life would be missing. However, if he extended the comment, he would not know that “El Tucu” earned a place on his own merit. Come and read, “El Tucu López”, in the first person.

A movie: Vanilla Sky

A series: The Killing

A TV show: The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

A radio: Metro 95.1 obviously

A diary: The Gazette of Tucumán

A book: Mirrors: an almost universal story, by Eduardo Galeano

A social network: Instagram

A header phrase: At this moment, I have no answer for this question (That is the phrase and also the answer. Well, it is understood, right? No. ok.)

Good news: The family is happy

A language: the basic tucumano

An insult: You are crossing asshole with asshole!

Gossip: I do not like. Buh.

A joke: -Hi, is Agustín here? -No, I’m rather uncomfortable (At ease … uncomfortable … terrible. And even worse, when you explain it)

A prediction: One day there will be no more internet and there I want to see each other

A song: Creo, by Fito Páez

An actor: Jim Carrey

An actress: Cameron Diaz

A journalist: me abstengo, that. . .

A tweeter: @yosoycacu

A musician: Fito Paez

A band: Divided

An idol: I owe it to you

A diva: The Girl on Fire (@lachicadefuego__)

A friend: Elvis, my partner

A familiar: impossible to answer this

A meal: my mom’s milangas, La Gurry

A drink: whiskey

A place in the world: Tucuman

A pending trip: Elvis’s house in Memphis

A little taste: Mantecol (actually Nucrem, which is the real Mantecol. Googleen because it takes a long time to explain here.

A skill: I am good with wood. I have a workshop. Some say that I am a carpenter

A vice: Do everything on legs. I even go to the Chinese barefoot!

A fear: Suffer without being able to do anything to stop suffering

A lie: Believe me i’m lying to you

A doom: Benjamin, my nephew

A game: El Pare Carrito (the Tucuman version of Tutti Frutti)

A search: On Google: “37.4 is fever?” (I’m half hypochondriac)

An OCD: One thousand. I lift screws from the street. If I forget something when I leave the house, I have to go back, grab the forgotten object, sit on the couch, count to six and only then can I go out. Really, I have many. But with those two we are.

One problem: The cell’s autocorrect.

A pending account: With AFIP, always. (strategically, this answer could play against me)

A dream: house with a lot of green for Elvis, close to the family and with my workshop in the background.