July 31, 2021

What are Netflix and David Fincher preparing, including Michael Fassbender?

The relationship between Netflix and David Fincher appears to be in good health. The director was in charge of four episodes of the series Mindhunter during 2017 and, three years later, premiered Mank (2020). To these projects will be added another, with Michael Fassbender as the protagonist: The Killer.

After Lost (2014) and the aforementioned Mank, The Killer It will be the filmmaker’s third film in recent years. Although little is known about the project, there are already some clues to follow. The project is under development.

Filming is likely to begin during November 2021 in Paris. The adaptation that David Fincher works on is inspired by The Killer, a graphic novel by Alexis Nolent, in which he turns to murder and violence, recurring themes in the director’s filmography.

David Fincher y ‘The Killer’:
What information is there?

During your time on the podcast The Director’s Cut – A DGA Podcast, the filmmaker anticipated something of the project. This was in May 2021, when he said: “I’m playing adapting a French graphic novel about a murderer. I’m doing it with Robert Towne and I’m trying to close a limited series, a kind of prequel to Chinatown.”

David Fincher was likely referring, by mentioning Chinatown, to the film released in 1974, under the direction of Roman Polanski. That is one of his favorites. About the French adaptation, it is about The Killer. For now, he will be accompanied by Andrew Kevin Walker, the screenwriter with whom he already worked on Seven (nineteen ninety five). Among Walker’s screenwriting projects are also The werewolf (2009), The Follow (2001) and Ambush (2001).