July 28, 2021

‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’ has the children of its protagonist, Sarah Michelle Gellar hooked

More than two decades have passed from that pilot that still today contains one of the best lessons about the deceptiveness of appearances, tremendous start of the mythical series ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’ that many Prime Video users have recently discovered. And it is that this fiction starring Sarah Michelle Gellar was incorporated, inaugurating this September, to the catalog of the aforementioned platform to the applause of many series fans who once enjoyed the wonderful proposal created by Joss Whedon.

But not only fans who witnessed the series’ revolutionary day have celebrated this new life, because despite the passage of time the episodes continue to attract a new audience and boast of setting an example where it counts. Thus, its protagonist cannot help but be plentiful when it comes to talking about her role as the Chosen One, a jacket that has turned out to be irresistible also for her children. Gellar recently told ‘Access’ that she was the first to be surprised by this sudden addition.

“My children had never seen it until their forties and they kept asking me. In the end it seemed good to me because they are already the right age. I thought they’d watch an episode or two and get tired, but they’re so hooked. My little boy who just turned eight last week is all the time like ‘Can we see Buffy tonight?’says the star of a truly irresistible series that means a lot to her.

I think the incredible thing about this series is how well it has aged and how relevant it still is., is perhaps more relevant than 10 years ago. As an actor you always hope to be part of something that goes down in history, that has an impact and survives the passage of time. I am incredibly proud.

Expert on apocalyptic themes?

Buffy was always willing to stand up to the Apocalypse, being the undisputed expert in kicking the ass of demons and vampires, but when she needed more info she called Giles (Anthony Head). Something like this happens to Gellar who, with this ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’ marathon that has been organized at his house, has discovered that she is anything but an expert on the subject.

“I feel like a huge disappointment because they ask me questions about the episodes or what happens next and I barely remember and I have to end up calling people. I feel like people remember the show better than me. You know, if there are doubts about Buffy, better not call Sarah.