July 28, 2021

Confessions of a seriéfilo who has spent five years watching a series that neither fu nor fa

There is a moment in life when you look back and have to take stock. This is very practical to do with the series. Has the story been closed well? Was it a complacent ending? Was it worth it if it was abruptly canceled? And what taste in your mouth do you have when you say goodbye? There are times when you feel orphaned of the creative universe, others when you feel cheated or disappointed. However, I do not know if it is worse when you finish an episode and remain indifferent, like those viewers of The Truman Show that, when Tim Carrey left the huge set, they changed the channel as if nothing had happened, as if the life of that poor Truman had not left a mark on them.

This is my feeling after watching 120 episodes of Madam Secretary. After the last episode ended, the only thing that crossed my mind is the inability that the series will have had not to make any lasting impression on my television imagination. “I have already seen another series. What can I see now? “, I have told myself when the credits came out. Not an iota of lasting emotion after investing 120 hours, which translates into five days of my life.

I’ve already seen another series. What can I see now? ” , I told myself when the credit titles came out “

This is a way of speaking. If I put myself in absolute sincerity mode, I acknowledge that Madam Secretary, available in Movistar, many times it had not captured my full attention. When they premiered it in 2014, I thought I would give it a chance because in the United States it was broadcast by CBS, a channel where I shared the night with The Good Wife. It seemed like a solid block and a declaration of intent. There would be a powerful female character and a combination of serialized plots, family and episodic cases, this time diplomatic.

The comparisons, for the record, were frustrating. The story of Elizabeth McCord (Téa Leoni), a former CIA agent who was leaving her semi-retirement to work as Secretary of State of the United States, tasted less than skim milk. It was a patriotic pamphlet disguised as a progressive typical of a country that calls itself a “beacon of freedom” for the entire planet.. Was it entertaining? Yes, but the portrayal of the rest of the countries by Barbara Hall, the creator, often bordered on insult, while self-criticism was conspicuous by its absence.

Tim Daly and Téa Leoni have ended up together in real life.


It is true that the last seasons, since Donald Trump entered the White House, in the writers room they tried to act as a counterweight to a discouraging reality for the country. It was at least interesting to see that the episodes of Madam Secretary They were trying to show everything that could go well in the country if they didn’t have an egomaniac with no vocabulary in the Oval Office, if they had a President and a Secretary of State, for example, committed to freedom of the press or against the idea of ​​putting children in cages.

And, when I said that it did not always capture my attention, I mean that there were seasons that I saw it while uploading news on this same website. Or maybe she was wearing it while cooking or hanging clothes. Or I was with my mobile on the sofa, convinced that I would not miss anything substantial of the plot if I answered some whatsapps. In this sense, it has been a useful series: a practical resource for when I wanted to feel accompanied, to be wrapped in fiction, but without a firm commitment.

He may have seen ‘Madam Secretary’ while washing dishes “

Another thing is to think if you could have made better use of that time. It’s been five years with weekly visits to the McCord family, which in total took up five days of my life, and I may have forgotten their names next week. But this is also television and entertainment: entering the rabbit hole, letting yourself go and looking at the clock or the calendar and realize that time has flown and you have not taken a miserable lasting memory.

Television is a rabbit hole: you don’t realize it, time has flown by and sometimes you haven’t taken a lasting memory “