July 31, 2021

Agenda for Tuesday June 29, 2021 | Culture | Entertainment

Online dance, art and movies on streaming platforms are part of this Tuesday’s proposal.

Dance online

Dance “Empty streets”, by Artemisadanza.

Empty streets, in charge of Artemisadanza. A scenic anthology presented from May 15 to June 15, but that can be enjoyed today. It consists of three short dances that denounce the actions of normalized violence against women. These three female characters, Michelle, Valentina and María Teresa, will inhabit the House of Wachuma; the visual eye will be the witness of these transformations to ignite the fire of denunciation in action and danced poetry. Access: $ 6. Tuesday June 29, for www.buenplan.com.ec.


“From my study”. The Teatro Centro de Arte and Banco del Pacífico present “From my studio”, a series of videos that shows various Ecuadorian artists from various manifestations talking about their space, work and creative process from their personal work environment. There are seven videos in which you can delve into creative intimacy and learn more about Janet Alejandro V. (plastic artist), Diana Ponce (sculpture), Tatiana Cruz (jewelry designer), Juan Caguana (visual artist), José Molestina ( plastic artist), Lenin Toledo Navarrete (plastic artist), who presents Remembrazas, and Abdón Segovia (visual artist), who offers the series Edible cannibals. Free access at www.teatrocentrodearte.org.


Netflix put on your platform Monkeys (2019), a film that portrays a rebel squad in a mountainous, jungle and isolated area of ​​Latin America. There are eight armed adolescent guerrillas who are holding a woman captive. Time passes for the young combatants between games, threats and initiation rites, but tragedy looms over everyone when their terrified hostage tries to escape. The film is directed by the Colombian-Ecuadorian filmmaker Alejandro Landes. This film represented Colombia at the 2020 Oscars.

On Amazon prime consists The mystery of the dragon (2019), a film that unites for the first time Jackie Chan Y Arnold Schwarzenegger. The story revolves around an English cartographer who is ordered to create a map of distant Russia in the early 1700s. On his long journey, he will experience all kinds of adventures, from confrontations with strange creatures and battles with martial arts masters to Ancient witches hidden in the most remote corners of legendary China. But all the tests will seem like child’s play when you have to face the greatest of the enemies ever created by black magic: the great King of the Dragons. The rest of the cast is made up of Jason Flemyng, Xingtong Yao, among others. Director: Oleg Stepchenko.