July 24, 2021

Lady Gaga and Jennifer Lopez, last preparations for the inauguration of Joe Biden | People

Everything is prepared in Washington for the inauguration of Joe Biden as the 46th president of the United States, in a change of power that will take place this Tuesday in the Capitol in conditions very different from those of other occasions. In this case, Donald Trump, the outgoing president, will not be present to welcome Joe Biden, in an outrage that American democracy has never seen. In addition, the conditions imposed by the coronavirus pandemic have meant that, despite the great support of high-level artists, the events are tarnished, and that all activities are limited: there will be no parades, nor as many dances throughout the city as in other times, nor an accumulation of people like other January 20.

However, there are artists who will perform on that Inauguration Day, as it is called in the US, and who are preparing for what will undoubtedly be one of the great performances of their lives. This is the case of Lady Gaga, in charge of interpreting the national anthem. The New York singer already sang in the last act of Biden’s election campaign, and now she is turning to the Democrat again. The event will take place at noon (six in the afternoon, Spanish peninsular time).

Lady Gaga is already in Washington, where she has posted a photograph on her Instagram profile (with more than 45 million followers) where she can be seen praying for her country from the Capitol, dressed in a white wool coat-cape. “I pray that tomorrow is a day of peace for Americans,” he wrote Tuesday night. “A day for love, not for hate. A day for acceptance, not fear. A day to dream of our beautiful future as a country. A non-violent dream that gives security to our souls. With love, from the Capitol ”.

Who has also come to the capital of the country is Jennifer Lopez. The singer landed in Washington Tuesday afternoon to prepare for her performance. In their stories Instagram has shown the merchandising that is created on these occasions to remember the moment, where you can appreciate some sweets and also a thermos to carry drinks.

‘Merchandising’ of the inauguration of Joe Biden, posted by Jennifer Lopez on her Instagram profile.Instagram

Lopez has walked through some areas of the city and there he has seen and greeted some of the National Guard soldiers who ensure the safety of the event. She has taken photos with them and she herself, wearing the mandatory mask, has published a video. “What an honor to spend a few moments with these brave men and women. Thank you for your service and your sacrifice. I honor you today and every day. Tomorrow I will sing for you and for all Americans ”, he has written at the bottom of the images he has posted on his Instagram profile, where he has accumulated 138 million followers.

Lopez will perform his performance, a small song and dance number, in the east wing of the Congress, where the inauguration ceremony will take place. For this in the city she is accompanied by her team, half a dozen people in charge of making sure everything goes well with those who have posed on the steps of the Capitol. Among them were her makeup artist, David Velasquez; his manicurist, Eri Ishizu; his hairdresser, Chris Appleton; her stylists, Rob Zangardi and Mariel Haenn; his vocal coach (and also that of Coldplay, Selena Gomez or Lenny Kravitz), Stevie Mackey; and the head of his digital team, Larry del Santo. All have been in the area of ​​the Congress where the show will take place, and also within it, where they have wanted to immortalize a historical moment on their social networks.