July 28, 2021

Lily Collins’ controversial Golden Globe nomination

Last Wednesday, February 3, Sarah Jessica Parker and Taraji P. Henson announced the Golden Globes nominations to be delivered on the 28th. The awards, awarded by the Foreign Press Association in Hollywood, are considered the prelude to the Oscars and recognize both work in film and television series.

It is difficult for everyone to like some nominations, but in this 2021 edition the controversy is being especially ‘hot’. Reviewing them carefully, we will see that all those series and films that have a special treatment of ethnicity and racism and its relation to gender and sex they have been forgotten.

The United States comes from a year in which the impact of the race struggle, with the movement ‘Black Lives Matter’ after the murder of George Floyd at the hands of the police, has been very strong and These nominations have tasted especially decaffeinated. For example, Tapes like ‘The Mother of the Blues’, ‘Judas and the Black Messiah’ or ‘One Night in Miami’ are not candidates for Best Movies. ‘Da 5 Bloods: Brothers in Arms’, by one of the great black directors, Spike Lee, has gone completely unnoticed, without nominations, just like ‘Malcolm & Marie’.

The Golden Globes they have only approached the black ethnic group in individual categoriess, such as the nominations for Daniel Kaluuya (‘Judas and the Black Messiah’), Leslie Odom Jr. (‘One night in Miami’) or Viola Davis and Chadwick Boseman (‘The mother of the blues’), while’ One night in Miami ‘has also taken nominations for the director, Regina King.

Maybe something more ‘bloody’ is the omission of black candidates in what refers to the series. For example, ‘The Bridgertons’, which is committed to a risky mix of races, has gone empty. ‘Lovecraft Territory’ has only one nomination (and none for its black actors). The wonderful ‘Small Ax’, about historical moments for the black community, is only a candidate for Best Miniseries and Best Supporting Actor, John Boyega.

Small Ax, the Steve McQueen series, almost went empty of the Golden Globes.

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A series that many have missed at the Golden Globes is ‘It could destroy you. Nobody understands how journalists have ignored it. In it, Michaella Coel plays a writer who is drugged at night during an outing with friends and, when she wakes up, realizes that she has been raped. A tough series about sexual consent and machismo that has been completely forgotten in these awards.

By cons, Lily Collins appears on the list as a nominee for Best Actress in a Series-Comedy for her starring role in ‘Emily in Paris’, a series in which, according to some, perpetuates patriarchal ideas such as the fragility of women. On Twitter, users have been perplexed, ironing whether the next thing for the series was to award him the Nobel Peace Prize:

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One of the voices that have raised their voices against the ‘discrimination’ of ‘Could destroy you’ has been the black activist Lilibeth Lima:

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“I can’t let this go: as a woman, as a survivor, as a person with basic critical thinking, and especially in the month of the black future.

‘I could destroy you’ was masterful. And period. I’m never surprised, but equally disappointed by the mediocre and patriarchal criteria of these awards that continue to defend white supremacy, white fragile feminine idealism and other shamefully discriminatory practices.

Women (of all races) deserve better. The children you are raising deserve better. “

The controversy is there: Should Michaela Coel have been nominated instead of Lily Collins? In any case, the lack of candidacies in the Golden Globes has been compensated by the presence in the Screen Actors Guild Awards (SAG), whose nominations were known yesterday and in which, this time, it is Michaela Coel as Best Miniseries Actress.

The SAGs have been more generous with the black community: Among the nominations for Best Cast are ‘Da 5 bloods’ and ‘The mother of blues’ and ‘A night in Miami’, as well as ‘Minari’, with a wide variety of ethnicities. In the SAG he is also a candidate for Best Actor in a Series Regé-Jean Page for ‘The Bridgertons’, for example.

What do you think of the controversy? Do you think the Golden Globes nominations have been decaffeinated and reinforce conservative values?

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