July 24, 2021

Maybe, maybe, maybe | AlMomento.Net

Nat King Cole

By Charly Morales Valido

San Salvador, Jun 28.- In addition to being a real gem, both for its plot, photography and performances, the film Cruella boasts a luxurious soundtrack in which a classic version stands out ad nauseam, but always effective: Perhaps , maybe maybe…

In particular, the film uses the version sung in 1964 by the great Doris Day with enough panache to be elegant, without falling into the self-confidence with which it was interpreted years later by Cake, a cult band in the alternative scene of the end of the century.

The trailer for the most recent success of the Disney factory takes place to the sound of Perhaps, Joe Davis’ version of that kind of bolero composed in 1947 by Cuban musician Osvaldo Farrés, inspired by the slights of a coveted young woman.

They say that, on a home evening, a beautiful girl was harassed by several suitors, crazy to get her to dance. Every time someone asked her if she would ever grant her a dance, she invariably replied, “Maybe, maybe, maybe …”.

That caught the attention of Farrés, who in one of these began to hum the famous “whenever I ask you, when, how and where, you always answer me, maybe, maybe, maybe.” A classic was born …

Considered one of the most prolific composers in Cuba, responsible in addition to songs such as Toda una vida, he had the most international of his successes, largely because he conquered the Anglo-Saxon market thanks to its English version.

Among the singers who made it theirs, the legendary “crooners” Bing Crosby, Nat King Cole and Julio Iglesias, the “soulman” Ben E. King, the divas Sara Montiel, Celia Cruz and Jennifer López, the tenor Andrea Bocelli, the quartet Il Divo or the great Paco de Lucía, among others.

In turn, the song also appears in the award-winning film Brokeback Mountain, with the ill-fated Heather Ledger, and in films such as Casablanca Nights, In the Mood for Love, Strictly Ballroom and other pop culture productions.

Now he’s back with Cruella – a sort of prequel to the animated classic 101 Dalmatians – which, as its name suggests, revolves around the mythical black and white-haired villain, played by an Emma Stone who doesn’t succumb to caricature and achieves a performance. memorable. It helps a lot, yes, having Emma Thompson as a counterpart.

The film is set in the most countercultural London, with transgressive designs and challenging colors like the protagonists of this story, which does not have much to do with the lyrics of this classic.

Who knows. Perhaps those responsible for music associated it with the years when the great Doris recorded it. But that is pure speculation. We can only say “maybe, maybe, maybe”.