July 25, 2021

What to watch on TV today? Thursday, February 11, 2021 | TV

13.10 / Movistar Action

Sky Captain and the world of tomorrow

Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow. USA, 2004 (106 minutes). Director. Kerry Conran. Performers: Jude Law, Gwyneth Paltrow, Giovanni Ribisi, Angelina Jolie ,.

Tribute to comics and classic cinema, a retro adventure that dares to delve into the serials of the 1930s to reach the old science fiction films of the 1950s. All this thanks to some exceptional computer-generated backgrounds in front of which the actors walk. Except for them, everything is digital.

16.10 / Hollywood


USA, 1976 (113 minutes). Director: John G. Avildsen. Performers: Sylvester Stallone, Talla Shire, Burgess Meredith, Burt Young.

As the rest of the films in the series degenerated, hardly anyone remembers that the first film about the Italian Colt was not bad at all. He even achieved three Oscars (although above Taxi Driver Y All the president’s men, which is an exaggeration). Rocky it is based on some wonderful dialogues, written by Stallone himself. It is convenient to see it with the nostalgia of an adolescent spectator.

17.35 / Movistar Drama


The capital. France, 2012 (114 minutes). Director: Costa-Gavras. Performers: Gabriel Byrne, Gad Elmaleh, Liya Kebede.

Costa-Gavras continues to be active and committed to his time. In the seventies he delivered works that are still alive, such as Z, The confession Y Site status, and in the new millennium he has been able to film works of the stature of Amen Y Arcadia. On this occasion, the activities of an upstart heir to a banking empire, played with solid conviction by Gad Elmaleh, allow the filmmaker to elaborate a dissection of the economic crisis, which in some sections becomes too didactic, and a sour portrait of the handling power.

18.30 / #Come on

Basketball Cup begins

#Vamos broadcasts live all the matches of the Basketball King’s Cup, one of the most anticipated events of the season. Today there are two matches, the duel between Tenerife and San Pablo Burgos (18.30) and the confrontation between Real Madrid and Valencia Basket (21.30). Tomorrow it will be the turn of Baskonia-Joventut (18.30) and Barçelona-Unicaja (21.30). The semifinals will arrive on Saturday and the final will be played on Sunday.

19.45 / TCM

A clockwork orange

A Clockwork Orange. United Kingdom, 1971 (135 minutes). Director: Stanley Kubrick. Cast: Malcolm McDowell, Patrick Magee, Michael Bates.

In its paroxysm of wild images, traversed by only apparent havens of peace, the political parable it proposes A clockwork orange it is set in a futuristic environment that is bleakly close: a society consumed by violence and hedonism. Kubrick shows a crash course in film editing, a lecture on the expressive uses of staging, and a sour reflection on the double standards of a social system that seems unable to provide answers.

20.50 / Four

Semifinals of the King’s Cup: Athletic-Levante

The San Mamés stadium is the setting in which Athletic and Levante play the first leg of their semifinal match in the Copa del Rey. A match to which both teams arrive in good shape: Athletic has been proclaimed champion of the Super Cup and Levante maintains a splendid season, including a creditable ninth place in the league competition. The return leg will take place on March 4 on Levantine terrain.

21.50 / The Sixth

Catalan elections debate

Tonight, The debate gathers in La Sexta the candidates of the nine main formations that concur to preside over the Generalitat of Catalonia. Moderated by Ana Pastor, will be present Carlos Carrizosa (Citizens), Laura Borràs (JxCat), Pere Aragonés (ERC), Salvador Illa (PSC), Jessica Albiach (Catalunya en Comú Podem), Dolors Sabater (CUP), Alejandro Fernández (PP ), Ángels Chacón (PDeCat) and Ignacio Garriga (Vox). All of them will debate three days before the elections are held, the last meeting of this type before they are held.

22.10 / Mega

The last man

The Last Man Standing. 1996 (100 minutos). Director: Walter Hill. Intérpretes: Bruce Willis, William Sanderson, Christopher Walken, Bruce Dern.

On some occasions, Walter Hill remembers the great director he was, the filmmaker who dazzled in the seventies with Driver Y Outlaws of legend. Nearly 20 years later, Hill regained his pulse with a sneaky adaptation of a literary classic like Red harvest. And with the spirit of dark movie classical, however, visually wrapped the story in western ways to follow in the footsteps of a gunman who works for the highest bidder, but who, of course, always ends up imposing his own law.

22.00 / The 2

‘The Flux Capacitor’ Celebrates Valentine’s Day

The space led by the writer Juan Gómez-Jurado poses a question: is love a universal and eternal concept? Throughout the program, the life of a couple in Ancient Rome will be discussed and the fabulous invented existence of Lola Montes will be traced. A visit to the Student Residence will also be included to learn about the platonic love story between Lorca, Dalí and Buñuel, and a trip around the world will be offered to find out the love passions that motivated great constructions.

22.10 / The 1

Antonio returns to San Genaro, in ‘Cuéntame’

All Alcántara experience novelties in their lives in this week’s delivery of Tell me. Antonio returns to the neighborhood and is received with great affection by all the residents of San Genaro. He has overcome the most difficult, but he still has a lot of work ahead of him until he fully recovers. For his part, Toni begins to work at Moncloa as general director of Informative Relations. Meanwhile, Inés begins to teach a course at Deborah’s company to learn to speak in public and is somewhat nervous. To his surprise, among the workers, there is an old acquaintance: Mike.

0.05 / The 1

The utilities of drones, in ‘Comando nowadays’

According to experts, 2021 is the year of the drone and space Current command will inquire into its various uses. It has gone from being a toy to a device for almost everything: it chases criminals, transports packages, dispenses seeds, loads boats, participates in races and, from 2030, it could be used as an air taxi. In Spain, there are about 5,200 drone operators registered, according to the State Agency for Aviation Safety, and one of its most common applications is the revision of windmill blades. The new European drone regulation makes flying it easier. In addition, it has become a mine to train and

0.15 / The Sixth


USA, 1982 (130 minutes). Director: Clint Eastwood. Performers: Clint Eastwood, Freddie Jones, David Huffamn, Warren Clarke.

Clint Eastwood launches into an action-packed intrigue, pursuing his attempts to gain control of a modern Soviet fighter plane. Although it shows a good narrative pulse, the film shows an excess of footage, although the dramatic evolution of the intrigue captures thanks to a very well dosed script.