August 1, 2021

What to watch on TV today? Tuesday, December 15, 2020 | TV

15.45 / Hollywood

‘Billy Elliot (I want to dance)’

Billy Elliot. United Kingdom, 2000 (106 minutes). Director: Stephen Daldry. Performers: Jamie Bell, Julie Walters, Gary Lewis.

Stephen Daldry, an author from the world of theater, made his debut in the making of feature films with this beautiful film that portrays an 11-year-old boy’s passion for dance in an invented town in the English county of Durham in the middle of the conflict of the mining strikes in the UK in the mid-1980s. Jamie Bell, chosen from more than 2,000 candidates, stars in this story, which won two Bafta Awards from the British Academy and added three Oscar nominations.

15.26 / TNT

‘Already seen’

United States, 2006 (128 minutes). Director: Tony Scott. Performers: Denzel Washington, Val Kilmer, Adam Goldberg, Jim Caviezel.

Despite having a protagonist of proven talent like Denzel Washington (his reference actor) and the production of Bruckheimer, this excessive intrigue of the always excessive Tony Scott takes as its starting point a great attack on a ferry in New Orleans. As mere entertainment it works.

19.15 / Movistar Drama


Troy. United States, 2004 (156 minutes). Director: Wolfgang Petersen. Cast: Brad Pitt, Eric Bana, Orlando Bloom.

With a star-studded cast, captained by Brad Pitt and a generous budget, Wolfgang Petersen directed this new adaptation of an enduring classic: Homer’s Iliad. What differentiates it from the previous versions is that it focuses, above all, on the more human side of the epic.

19.50 / The 2

Luisgé Martín, in ‘Page two’

The La 2 book program directed and presented by Óscar López, Page two, interview with the writer Luisgé Martín about One hundred nights, a work awarded the Herralde Novel Prize 2020. Following the thread of One hundred nights the program will address the erotic novel by the hand of the writer Noemí Casquet, who cultivates this literary genre. In addition, the program travels to Salamanca, to speak with its chief commissioner, Luis Esteban, who will explain how he combines being a policeman and a writer. And, finally, the program will speak with the writers José Ovejero, Edurne Portela and Manuel Vilas, who have participated with different literary cameos in Luisgé Martín’s book.

19.55 / Movistar CineÑ

‘Makinavaja, the last choriso’

Spain, 1992 (91 minutes). Director: Carlos Suárez. Interpreters: Andrés Pajares, Jesús Bonilla, Mario Pardo.

Andrés Pajares ties the red scarf around his neck and puts on his leather jacket to give life to the marginal character created by the great Ivá. Although the story has its grace, it is limited to chain, one after another and without rest, the famous situations of the original comic strips. Of course, at least it is fun.

20.06 / TCM

‘Captives of evil’

The bad and the beatiful. United States, 1952 (114 minutes). Director: Vincente Minnelli. Performers: Lana Turner, Kirk Douglas, Gloria Grahame.

Between tyrannical and ambitious producers, great executives, brilliant actors and conflicting directors, the plot of this solid melodrama unfolds, which explores the most sordid environments of true Hollywood. At the head of the cast, two stars like Lana Turner and Kirk Douglas, and in the direction, the great Vincente Minnelli. A masterful show awarded with five

21.45 / Antenna 3

Antonio Banderas and María Casado visit ‘El hormiguero’

This Tuesday they visit The anthill the actor, producer and director Antonio Banderas and the journalist María Casado to present Black and white scene, their first joint project, a new program that offers a unique combination of interviews and musical performances with artists such as Vanesa Martín, David Bisbal, Pablo Alborán, Pasión Vega, Rozalén, Pablo López and an additional episode with Antonio Banderas himself. Each of them, in addition to their own repertoire, will choose a song by another artist who has marked their life to perform on the program and one of their performances will be backed by the Malaga Symphony.

22.00 / Movistar LaLiga

Real Madrid receive Athletic

After getting a place in the last 16 of the Champions League and beating Atlético (2-0) in the classic, Real Madrid host Athletic Bilbao at the Alfredo Di Stefano stadium. The men led by Zinedine Zidane come to this clash loaded with morale and will try to add the three points at stake and put pressure on the first two in the classification table, Real Sociedad and Atlético. The Bilbao team, meanwhile, has not been very lucky in their last two league games, a draw against Valencia and a home defeat to Celta.

22.00 / The 1

The eighth edition of ‘MasterChef Junior’ arrives

Avant-garde cuisine, sport, solidarity and fun come together in the eighth edition of MasterChef Junior. Despite their young age, the applicants arrive wanting to conquer the palate of the jury, made up of Pepe Rodríguez, Samantha Vallejo-Nágera and Jordi Cruz and will visit unique places such as the Altamira Caves in Santillana del Mar, the Madrid Zoo, the Castillo de la Mota in Medina del Campo (Valladolid) or the Royal Palace. In the first test of the night, the applicants will have to work with products from the garden to cook a dish with fruits and vegetables as central elements. The outdoor test will take them to one of the children’s favorite places: the Madrid Zoo. Surrounded by animals and in a context of healthy eating, the applicants will make their debut cooking in teams. Pasta seafood or grilled chicken with fried yucca will be one of the dishes to prepare for the 100 diners. To close the night, the young aspirants will enjoy two luxury visits: chef Toño Pérez, from the restaurant Atrio with two Michelin stars, and Florentino Fernández, new runner-up of MasterChef Celebrity 5.

22.00 / The 2

‘A Night at the Opera’

A night at the opera. United States, 1935 (85 minutes). Director: Sam Wood. Performers: Groucho, Chico and Harpo Marx, Kitty Carlise.

Unforgettable Marx Brothers comedy set in the elegant world of opera. Various follies, impossible dialogues and some of the most memorable scenes in the cinema – the cabin full of people or Harpo hanging from the ropes behind the stage – give this excellent film the category of classic.

22.30 / The Sixth

‘Divided’, new contest presented by Luján Argüelles

Arrives at the La Sexta grill divided, contest presented by Luján Argüelles that will have eight deliveries in which in each one of them a team will fight to win a prize of up to 80,000 euros. With the aspiration of being much more than a question and answer contest, the program, version of the successful ITV Studios catalog contest, It will feature four contestants who do not know each other and who will have to collaborate to answer unanimously. They will have to do it fighting against time, since the money put into play in each question will decrease for every second that it takes to decide. Therefore, in Divided speed, conciseness and, above all, agreement will be crucial.

22.30 / DMAX

How is the ‘Technology of the impossible’

Elspeth Livingstone / Windfall Films Ltd

Colossal monuments, impossible feats of engineering and technologies so precise that they defy reinvention by proving that the ancient world was far more advanced than imagined. DMAX audience will travel through history in Technology of the impossible to reveal a radically different image of the past, with innovations so far ahead of their time that they are still used today. The new science uncovers a lost world more like our own than we think, and reveals how modern technology has its origin in the ancient world.

22.30 / COSMO

‘The Hand That Rocks the Cradle’

The hand that rocks the cradle. United States, 1992 (105 m.). Director: Curtis Hanson. Cast: Rebecca de Mornay, Annabella Sciorra, Matt McCoy.

One of the best psychological films of the many that abounded in Hollywood in the early nineties. Despite this, the film gave much more of itself, and only a solid script and the good work of the interpreters, especially that of Rebecca de Mornay, saved a film that required a more appropriate director from mediocrity.

22.35 / Neox


United States, 2017 (113 minutes). Director: Stephen Chbosky. Performers Jacob Tremblay, Julia Roberts, Owen Wilson.

With an effective cast, led by Julia Roberts (surrounded by Owen Wilson and the boy Jacob Tremblay), this emotional drama is presented that delves into the life of Auggie Pullman, a young man who was born with a serious facial malformation and who has to face a difficult challenge: attending class for the first time. This third film as director of Stephen Chbosky after The Perks of Being an Outcast and The Four Corners of Nowhere was nominated for an Oscar and a 2018 BAFTA for Best Makeup and Hairstyling for the stupendous characterization of the leading child.

22.45 / Antenna 3

New installment of ‘Woman’

Tonight, a new reunion with Sarp as the center of all eyes will generate cracks and remove the foundations and the fabric of Woman. For his part, Arif will announce to everyone what he and Bahar have agreed upon after a romantic conversation. What will the rest think? While Bahar is holding on with strength in the hospital and Piril begins to connect the dots between Suat and Sirin’s alliance in the face of Nezir’s threat, in a chat at Enver and Hatice’s house, Ceyda will reproach Sarp for all his past acts. But the woman will also ask an essential favor for the protagonist and all her loved ones.

22.50 / Four

‘Star Wars. Episode VII. The Force Awakens’

Star Wars. Episode VII: The Force Awakens. United States, 2015 (135 minutes). Director: JJ Abrams. Performers: Daisy Ridley, John Boyega, Harrison Ford, Adam Driver.

Thirty years after the victory of the Rebel Alliance over the second Death Star comes this nostalgic reunion with characters from the mythical film saga that, in the hands of a filmmaker like JJ Abrams, becomes a more than entertaining exercise of supported imagination on Lawrence Kasdan’s remarkable screenplay. Again accompanied by the music of John Williams, this delivery was nominated for five awards oscars: music, editing, visual effects and sound mixing and editing.

23.40 / TCM

‘The screams of silence’

The killing fields. United Kingdom, 1984 (127 minutes). Director: Roland Joffe. Performers: Sam Waterston, Haing Ngor, John Malkovich.

Three orscars endorse the quality of this attractive story, which marked the debut of director Roland Joffe (The Mission), who until then was almost entirely devoted to theater. Good work by a leading cast with guarantees and a script full of successes in a film that, due to its length, presents some inevitable ups and downs.

0.35 / Movistar Drama


United States, 1995 (122 minutes). Director: David Fincher. Performers: Brad Pitt, Morgan Freeman, Kevin Spacey, Gwyneth Paltrow.

Seven are the deadly sins and seven are the crimes of a serial killer on which the plot of this violent and overwhelming thriller directed by David Fincher revolves. Morgan Freeman and Brad Pitt play a pair of detectives who must solve the case. Opposite they will have a Kevin Spacey in one of his most memorable roles. The film featured successful photography by Darius Khondji. A visceral horror show full of interest from the memorable opening credits to its explosive and unexpected ending.