August 2, 2021

Amy Adams holds up a Netflix thriller that doesn’t squeeze out its twisted premise

‘The woman in the window’ should have been released in theaters on October 4, 2019, but the first cut of the film did not finish satisfactory, so it was delayed until May 15, 2020. The coronavirus pandemic also prevented us from seeing it then and several months later Fox finalized its sale to Netflix.

It is finally this Friday, May 14, when a movie arrives that is very easy to sell. And it is that ‘The woman in the window’ is the adaptation of a successful novel with a powerful cast headed by Amy Adams and a solvent director like Joe Wright Behind the cameras. In addition, it tells an intriguing story that from the outset refers us to the masterpiece ‘Rear Window’.

Half gas

On paper it is difficult not to feel attracted to ‘The woman in the window’, even if one remembers some similar operation in recent years as the case of the deficient ‘The girl on the train’. So much delay did not work in his favor either, but the really important thing is that it is a discreet thriller that it hardly gets to bore the viewer.

The starting point of ‘The woman in the window’ is as simple as it is stimulating: a woman who suffers agorafobia she sees a crime being committed in her neighbors’ house but no one seems to believe her. In fact, doubt arises that his delicate mental state has caused him to see something that has not really happened.

Woman Window Scene

The greatest interest of the film is precisely in seeing how Adams immerses himself fully in the role of Anna Fox, a psychologist who suffers from a trauma that has changed her life forever. During many moments of the film, it is the work of the actress that prevents the thing from falling apart, since ‘The woman in the window’ pays special attention to the portrait of the protagonist, but does so by resorting to uninspired dramatic solutions and they lack the necessary strength when they seek surprise.

The latter is especially serious in a thriller that seeks to keep the viewer in suspense about what is really happening, since the tension that should define ‘The woman in the window’ disappears when you see what is going to happen. I understand that it is an important element to play with the doubt around what happens, but the movie doesn’t measure up at this point.

To hang out without expecting much

Image Woman Window

In addition, this results in collateral damage, since there is less space to develop the rest of the characters. Of course, having actors of the level of Gary Oldman o Julianne Moore It helps, but their impact is diluted if your use of them is so inconsequential. It is true that this helps make it less obvious who could be behind everything, but that advantage does not compensate if it is at the cost of Adams being the only one with an interesting character.

All of this could have been compensated to some extent with forward-looking directing work that sought to take advantage of the limited scenarios to actually play with them. It is true that I did not expect Wright to do something similar to how playful he was David Fincher in ‘The panic room’, but an approach that went beyond the neat and raised the film in some way, but there are hardly a couple of moments and ideas that show that behind ‘The woman in the window’ there is someone with personality and not a filmmaker who is content to give the film a certain illusion of elegance, especially with regard to the illness of its protagonist, who does not fool anyone.

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I review everything I have said so far and it may seem that ‘The woman in the window’ is little short of a disaster saved by the interpretation of Adams when the truth is that we are more before an opportunity to offer a passionate thriller and not a proposal more than walking around the house, the kind that your family could enjoy in moderation while watching it without borrowing. Entertaining at best and ignoring its flaws, but never causing any distressNot even when the cake is uncovered, although that’s where the movie tries the hardest.

In short

Amy Adams Window Woman

‘The woman at the window’ is no big deal, It has the look of a good thriller and also the cast, but it lacks the conviction necessary to take advantage of the ingredients that it has at its disposal. The result ends up being a too comfortable film that instead of agitating the spectator it manages not to bore him. It is not that Adams shines as much as other times, but with that it gives him to be the best of the function by far.