July 31, 2021

‘Body positive’: without surgery, without waxing, or photoshop. Martina Cariddi, Kate Winslet and other actresses who triumphed by loving themselves as they are – Series News

More and more interpreters want to show themselves as they really are and lack touches that alter their physical appearance to comply with the canons established by the Industry.

More and more the Body positive it is gaining strength and representation in cinema and series. Many are already the actresses who are joining this social movement, and who bet and fight because their bodies are shown exactly as they are on the small and big screen. Some of the latest demands on the part of the interpreters have placed the Industry and the world of advertising against a rock and a hard place.

One of the most recent examples is the new cast member of Elite in season 4, Martina Cariddi. The young 20-year-old actress decided to stop shaving at 14, as she has revealed to Cosmopolitan, and from that moment she was very clear that she would not do it again as a social imposition but as a decision of her own. He has fervently carried this philosophy into his professional life as well, and a clear example has been its passage through Elite, becoming the first character in Netflix fiction to show hair on the armpits and other visible parts of the body. Cariddi does not hide and thus reaffirms it in numerous photographs on his Instagram account.

But the ‘Body positive’ is not only something that resonates in the new generations, like Generation Z in the case of Cariddi. Kate Winslet, has denounced the retouching in one of the episodes of her latest hit series Mare of Easttown, one of the most watched titles on HBO. At this moment the interpreter finds the strength and self-esteem to be able to vindicate her rights and the way she wants to be shown, something that did not happen in her early days in the cinema. “I remember feeling tremendously harassed by the press, harassed in a horrendous way. “They called me weighty Katie, they speculated on what diets he did, how much he weighed, “said the actress in an interview with Marc Maron, from WTF.

At this point in her life, the actress is unwilling to go through the same kind of discrimination because of her physique and has set the limits very clear from the start. The first was with the retouch that he asked not to be made with the poster of the HBO series: “Lis I said: ‘Guys, I know how many crow’s feet I have. Please return them all. ‘”, Winslet has revealed to The New York Times. The following was a tweak that the director Craig Zobel I wanted to perform on the belly of the actress in one of the sequences to make it look slimmer. Winslet’s response was emphatic: “Do not you dare”.

Back in the national panaroma, a few months ago Inma Cuesta openly denounced on Instagram a cover of a magazine that had notably retouched her figure. From the contour of your waist, to the line of your arm or even lengthening your neck. “See you and not recognize you“, assured the Spanish actress in the social network.”It is not the first time it happens, but this goes beyond the limits of reality and I am ashamed “, continues the interpreter in the description of the publication.

Although these cases discussed above are recent, this social movement has been working for years. One of the earliest example of Body positive on the small screen was with actress Barbie Ferreira, best known for her role as Kat in the acclaimed series Euphoria from HBO. Both her character in fiction starring Zendaya and she in real life tries by all means that her figure is not an inconvenience to be able to choose different roles or star in advertising campaigns.

The actress is also a plus size model and when she was initially a size 40 she was forced to wear padding for photo shoots for brands like Adidas or H&M. When she gained weight and wore a size 44, she was rejected for having too many kilos. It was then that the actress decided not to submit to that situation anymore. “I told them, I am not interested in a contract with a beauty brand that only targets white, slim and straight girls (…) That girl profile does not interest me and does not enter what I consider beauty. In fact, I want to see less of that, it takes up too much space in the world. Why don’t we try something new? “, The actress assured Cosmopolitan.

Another actress who knows very well what the importance of loving yourself is the Turkish interpreter Elçin Afacan, who brings Melo to life in the acclaimed Turkish soap opera Love is in the air. Afacan has claimed in style that overweight actresses should also have the possibility of obtaining the same roles as the rest of their professional colleagues, regardless of their physical characteristics. In addition, the interpreter of Love is in the air has denounced that has been out of jobs for this reason alone, his body. Also remember how important it is for your mental health not to feel discriminated against by your body or to feel that you are not good or thin enough to play a character on the small or big screen. “There is a lot of pressure in the world to judge your own image“, he points out in an interview with Series Doctor.