July 29, 2021

Natalie Pérez was encouraged to the white outline imposed by Lady Gaga

The eyeliner trend in different colors is all the rage in the field of fashion and celebrities from all over the world keep adding to their outfits this touch of glamour that adds personality and style. Actress and singer Natalie Perez He was not far behind and surprised his followers with a close-up photo where this outline looks cat eye in white color accompanied by mascara and blush.

“Looking at nothing, thinking of everything.” wrote as a joke.

The outline that is a trend. (Photo: @natalieperez).

The image in the foreground quickly reached 49,000 likes on Instagram, in an account that accumulates more than 2.7 million followers. In the comments section he received praise from his fans, who were joined by different personalities from the entertainment world, such as Natalia Oreiro and Sabrina Garciarena. “Bella” and “That look” they wrote affectionately in the post.

The outline of the moment. (Instagram / @ natalieperez).

The actress, who today is extremely focused on her musical career, decided to combine this trend with some jeans worn light blue with abstract drawings painted in shades of yellow and green, a top elasticized of morley brown one puffer jacket color beige and a white shoe with a pointed heel. For her hairstyle, she opted for loose, semi-wavy hair, with a mini half bun that gave her a relaxed and relaxed air. look.

The super original look she used to record her new video clip. (Photo: @natalieperez).

Lady Gaga she had been one of the pioneers of this trend. On several occasions, she dazzled with her eyes in different photo productions for magazines and her makeup brand. The singer usually focuses on make up more risky, contrasting and eye-catching that go perfectly with his rebellious spirit, and his flamboyant personality.

The singer was a pioneer in relation to this mega trend. (Photo: @ladygaga).

Other celebrities have already succumbed to this trend bringing their own touch and style. They are Juanita Viale and Haunter Schafer, who do not hesitate to innovate when produced.

The actress was encouraged to outline the moment. (Photo: @natalieperez).

In addition to the white color for the eyes, it can also be observed in different fashion icons, makeup with outlines in most played colors such as yellow, pink, lilac and light blue, among others. This brings to the present an era, such as the eighties and nineties that today are the greatest inspiration for designers and stylists around the world. It seems that the desire in the world of fashion and beauty is to remember the great times past and hold on to the good times in eras as difficult as those that are lived today.

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