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Clarification: This article was originally published on March 9, 2021.

Whoever has seen the series “The CrownCan confirm that British actress Emma Corrin is the reincarnation of a young Princess Diana. Her preparation in gestures, words and unfolding earned her a Golden Globe and the Critics’ Choise Awards for Best Actress in a Drama Series, awards that really symbolize long hours of preparation in the shared flat of your house in London.

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She has learned from the day that Lady Diana danced with John Travolta in Washington DC to the designer (David and Elizabeth Emmanuel) of the princess’s wedding dress, suggesting a lot of research work that demonstrates her apprenticeship as an actress in her falls. and slips experienced since childhood.

Emma Corrin knew she wanted to be an actress even before she studied at the $ 49,000 a year average Catholic boarding school for girls, Woldingham School. In England. She was enthusiastic about the huge theater the school had, she recalls The Guardian. “The wind in the willows”, where he played the Toad, was the elementary school play in which he participated for the first time, which was also praised by the mother of a classmate. Every year, I was there in front of the theatrical performances as the main character.

“I wrote a lot when I was a child. He had a crazy imagination. I spent a lot of time outdoors, creating worlds. I did a lot of works. But I was 16 years old before I started thinking about it seriously. I had to tell my family: ‘this is what I want to do’. I wanted to quit school and get an agent. My parents didn’t let me. They wanted me to have another option, get a degree under my belt, “he told The Guardian.

Emma Corrin accompanies children on a charity outing in Knysna, South Africa, during their school days.  (Photo: Capture / Daily Mail)
Emma Corrin accompanies children on a charity outing in Knysna, South Africa, during their school days. (Photo: Capture / Daily Mail)

Not 100% sure of her calling, she took a year off and enrolled in a Shakespeare course at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art, a place where great figures have walked, such as Emilia Clarke (Daenerys Targaryen in “Game of Thrones”) and Tom Hiddleston (Lucky in the Marvel Cinematic Universe).

She then went on to the University of Bristol to study performing arts, although she was disappointed that the professors cared more about theory than practice. Better yet, he decided to study Drama and English at Cambridge University’s St John’s College in 2015. He gladly took advantage of his three years of higher education to participate in a score of plays and continue writing.

In 2020, she debuted as a film director and screenwriter with her short film “Red Rendezvous” for Gucci, which is part of a series of videos where nine models “do something they have never done before: get behind the camera and sit in the seat. from the director. Each of the talents developed their own script and brought it to life by standing behind the camera and directing their own short film, ”the video description explains.

While her agent was looking for new roles in the productions, Corrin needed to generate income to be able to pay for the flat where she lives with her friends in London. So, she entered different jobs, one of them, a fashion start-up in the summer of 2018. At that time, she received the call for a supporting role as Esmé in the American television series inspired by DC Comics “ Pennyworth ”(about Batman).

Corrin only had three hours to prepare with the script. She ran off to put on makeup and practice her role as a sixties dancer in “Pennyworth.” It is curious that his Achilles heel is dance, as he expressed it in an interview with Vogue Paris: “I love to dance when the piece is not choreographed, because there are no rules and then I do what I want without caring much.” It was a difficult task playing Lady Diana in her seven months of preparation for The Crown, especially in the scenes that she danced.

The Crown will change actress Emma Corrin for Elizabeth Debicki in the fifth season of the series.  (Photo: Netflix)
The Crown will change actress Emma Corrin for Elizabeth Debicki in the fifth season of the series. (Photo: Netflix)

Emma Corrin also made her way onto the big screen during an episode of the fourth season of the 1950 drama, “Grantchester,” and later in the short film “Alex’s Dream.” But no role has been as momentous as playing Lady Diana. Her mother, Juliette, a South African speech therapist (speech and hearing specialist), helped her approach Diana Spencer’s voice modulation for the audition at The Crown.

In addition, Corrin never tired of watching Tom Jennings’ documentary “Diana: In her own words” (2017), as there she could patiently appreciate the tone of voice, intonation and other patterns of his speech. But the one who helped her mainly during the filming in the princess’s gestures, such as the habit of hiding behind the bangs, was the movement coach Polly Bennet.

The screenwriter and model, already with some important awards on top, continues to strive in the face of high competition in her career. “Recently, I have been sent many scripts and I feel like a very small fish in a huge ocean. It’s scary. My agent called me and said, ‘What’s going on? In many of the tapes [de audición] you sent, I can tell you’re not trying. ‘ I felt terrible. But what he said next was correct. ‘This is where the battle begins. You are not in a place where this is easy. You face big names like Emma Stone, ”he told The Guardian.


"The Crown" season 3 - teaser trailer
“The Crown” season 3 – teaser trailer. Video: Netflix.


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