July 28, 2021

Top 10 Filmin series // UPDATED 2021

If your thing is auteur, independent, classic, transgressive or experimental cinema, Filmin must be your favorite streaming application to watch movies. And it can also be used to watch series, as this platform made in Spain has a very interesting catalog of series of all kinds that will delight the most demanding series fans.

Next, we leave you our top 10 series that you can find in Filmin. We clarify that they are not in a specific order and that we have taken into account the variety of styles at the time of selection so that anyone can find something that interests them. Are you ready? Let’s go there…

Utopia, a very current cult thriller

Utopia is a dystopian thriller that since its premiere in 2013 has become a classic, since touches on issues such as lack of privacy, the feeling of extreme surveillance, overcrowding and even epidemics that to this day are still very valid.

This series tells the story of some kids who they find a manuscript where catastrophes are predicted and that, just for having it, they are persecuted by an obscure organization.

The series features 2 seasons and 12 episodes, so technically it’s a miniseries that you can watch on a weekend.

When the dust settles, an overwhelming and awesome drama

When the Dust Settles is a Danish-made series that has been a hit on Scandinavian television. It tells the intertwined story of 8 characters who have been victims of a terrorist attack occurring in the city of Copenhagen. The series takes you to discover the simple life of each of these characters with their particular complications, days before the fatal event occurs.

It is a moving and impressive story that takes place in a 10-episode season lasting 60 minutes each.

Cosmos, the documentary series that everyone must see once in their life

Cosmos is a documentary series hosted by the mythical astrophysicist and astronomer Carl Sagan. In a very didactic and visual way so that even the most neophyte can understand, Sagan explains in this series the origin of the universe, the elements that make up galaxies and much more about that outer space that we know so little about and that we find so fascinating, even from ignorance.

Believe us that, even if you are not interested in the universe, you will end up liking this series and will make you love astronomy. It unfolds in a 13 episode season autoconclusive, so you don’t need to see them in order, if you like.

The collapse, 8 sequence shots that will make you reflect

The premise of this series is … What if the world collapsed? Would it awaken our worst side? Would it be the end of civilization? On 8 episodes Recorded in sequence shot, El Collapse takes you to live the most pessimistic vision of this hypothetical situation with scenes that perfectly capture the worst moments of confinement.

In fact, this series made in France was a worldwide trend during the toughest moments of the pandemic, because people felt identified with what they counted on. It is a cruel series that can be difficult to watch, but that will make you rethink many things in your life.

Paranoia Agent, one of the best anime ever

Satoshi Kon is a god of Japanese animation. He created several of the best films of this genre (Perfect Blue, Millennium Actress and Tokyo Godfathers), but what many do not know is that while he was making them he also devised Paranoia Agent, his only series that did not become as popular as his other works, although it is also a jewel.

Paranoia Agent is a psychological drama that combines mystery and horror to expose the problems faced by Japanese society. His story revolves around Shounen Bat, a young man on skates who is dedicated to knocking people out with his golden bat with the aim of “liberating” them.

This anime only has one 13 episode season.

Berlin Alexanderplatz, a genius signed by RW Fassbinder

If you are a fan of cult cinema, surely you know the German Rainer Werner Fassbinder, considered one of the most influential filmmakers of all time. So much so that his miniseries Berlin Alexanderplatz has been cited by giants such as Michael Mann, Francis Ford Coppola and Todd Haynes as a reference.

Berlin Alexanderplatz is an adaptation of Alfred Döblin’s novel that tells the story of a man who is released from prison, after serving a sentence for murder, and trying to make an honest living in the dark Berlin of the 20s.

It is a series of a 14 episode season. Of course, each episode lasts 60 minutes. Oh, and on Filmin you can see the remastered version.

The Virtues, a heartbreaking story about human pain

According to critics, this series has the best 20 minutes of television. And it is not for less: it is made by the creators of This Is England together with the great actor Stephen Graham, who take as a basis their own past for the story of The Virtues.

In this series you will meet a man named Joseph who returns to his hometown to meet his sister Anna, from whom he was separated as children by social services, seeking heal the wounds of your past full of abuse-related trauma.

The series is composed of 3 episodes of 45 minutes and a final episode of 75 minutes. Also, in Filmin there is an extra episode made with deleted scenes from the series.

Shaun the Sheep, a fun series for the whole family

At Filmin there is also room for children thanks to the series from the Aardman Animations studio. One of his best works is undoubtedly Shaun the Sheep which is a spin-off of the sheep that appears in the Wallace & Gromit series (also available on Filmin and also highly recommended) that episode after episode gets into trouble and manages to solve them in an ingenious way.

Shaun the Sheep has 5 seasons of up to 40 episodes each. Actually, it is not as long as it seems since each episode lasts about 7 minutes. It is perfect to kill time and laugh for a while with an animation that is very well done.

Fanny & Alexander, Bergman’s masterpiece

Ingmar Bergman made many films considered masterpieces. One of them is Fanny & Alexander, who won 4 Oscars and which Bergman describes as “the sum total of my life as a filmmaker.” In Filmin you can see the extended version of this film in series format.

What is this series about? It focuses on two 8 and 10 year old siblings whose father passes away and whose mother marries a pastor who turns out to be cruel and severe. The premise matters little in this case, because what stands out most about this series is Bergman’s brilliance at filming feelings.

Fanny & Alexander only has 5 episodes of variable duration.

Wolf Hall, a historical series with a spectacular production

This miniseries, which won the Golden Globe for best TV-Movie In 2016, he adapted Hilary Mantel’s Thomas Cromwell Trilogy, sparing no expense. It has an upscale cast that includes Mark Rylance, Damian Lewis, Claire Foy, Jonathan Price, and Tom Holland, as well as truly majestic sets and costume design.

Wolf Hall tells the story of Henry VIII and his reign full of conflicts, ranging from succession of queens and conspiracies to alliances and betrayals. All of this is told from the point of view of Thomas Cromwell, the royal councilor and prime minister of the court.

The series only has 6 episodes lasting a little over 60 minutes. If you like historical series, you should not miss this one.

So far we have come! We hope you liked our compilation of the best Filmin series. And don’t forget to go through our article of the 10 best Filmin movies to watch this summer at home, in case you haven’t seen it yet.