July 29, 2021

WandaVision’s post-credit scene changed on Disney +: could include Doctor Strange

Marvel Studios

WandaVision changed some aspects of the post-credits scene of the last episode and theories indicate that it could be an appearance of Doctor Strange.

doctor strange endgame
Marvel Studios

Due to the title of the Doctor Strange sequel, In the Multiverse of Madness, speculation about WandaVision they indicated that the Scarlet Witch series would connect with the Sorcerer Supreme.

At the end of the series, it was confirmed that a Benedict Cumberbatch cameo was planned; However, it did not happen and the story focused on Wanda without hinting at the connection to Doctor Strange.

we already know how the cameo of doctor strange was going to be in wandavision 2
Marvel Studios // Disney

Now the series could have the expected connection, as Disney + changed the post-credits scene almost 4 months after the end of the program.

Content creator Lunwi88, via the TikTok account of ComicBook, pointed out the change in the last scene of WandaVision.

The essence of the scene is the same, as it shows Wanda inside the cabin exploring her newly discovered Scarlet Witch powers; however, it is the exterior that underwent a change.

As the camera zooms into the cabin, a valley can be seen. It is in this space that a group of trees changed color and a mysterious reflection is also noticeable.

This flash is the one that has generated theories, because, like the shot, it is fast approaching the cabin. Therefore, it is believed that it is Doctor Strange looking for Wanda, although the character still does not appear in the ending.

With or without the participation of Doctor Strange, the change could also be linked to the events of Loki, as this series has played with the intervention in the timeline.

loki 3
Marvel Studios

Before the change in WandaVisionSylvie, also known as Lady Loki, wreaked havoc on the Sacred Timeline as she apparently opened the door to the multiverse by unleashing different timelines.

So it is possible that Sylvie and Loki altered the main reality of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and thus changed the landscape of where Wanda is hidden.

wandavision's ultimate hut
Marvel Studios

Also, now that the multiverse exists in the MCU, Doctor Strange must ask Wanda for help in restoring reality in its sequel.

Likewise, it could be an aesthetic change that serves to give continuity to the events in Doctor Strange 2, but it is suspicious that this occurred during the transmission of Loki.

tva multiverse loki
Marvel Studios

Disney or Marvel have not commented on the change in the post-credit scene of WandaVision; However, now the MCU is playing with the timelines and the multiverse, nothing is a coincidence and every action has consequences.

Even though it is an almost imperceptible change, it could be important for the future of the story and the importance of Wanda in the MCU.

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