July 24, 2021

Rick Moranis and 9 other actors who quit at the peak of their careers

The stars shine and then fade, but some actors leave the game while their flame is still hot. While some stars embrace change and feed off all the B movies they can get, others head off into the sunset with their Academy Awards in tow.

A career in Hollywood is incredibly hard to come by, and just as challenging to maintain. Stars like Tom Hanks and Anthony Hopkins are proof that one actor can stay on top for decades, although where many have tried, many have failed. Movie stars can be desperate for good roles, boiling down to cameos and supporting roles to remain relevant. However, some of them took the opportunity to drop out while at the top.

10 Rick Moranis chose family over fame

With The Ghostbusters, The Flintstones, The little shop of horrors Y Darling, I shrunk the kids, Rick Moranis was an absolute powerhouse of family cinema for much of the 1980s and early 1990s, before tragedy struck. Moranis made an admirable sacrifice by leaving the bright lights after the passing of his wife Ann Belsky in 1991. He did it in order to better raise his children, a decision that even the most staunch Moranis fans could not reject.

A new installment of the franchise has been confirmed ” Darling, I shrunk the kids” and the return of Rick Moranis. The fans have gotten their wish, and now they just have to wait a little longer to see the beloved actor on the big screen once again.

9 Hollywood was too much for Josh Hartnett

In a parallel universe, Josh Hartnett donned the hood for the trilogy of the Dark Knight by Christopher Nolan. The Hollywood heartthrob was about to be Superman too, but Josh Hartnett’s career has many instances of what he could have been. Although he did not stop acting, he did quit Hollywood. Following his starring roles in Pearl Harbor Y Black Hawk DownHartnett found the fame overwhelming and distanced himself from the industry, something he would do on multiple occasions.

The hiatus has resulted in Hartnett only landing roles in independent films and short films, but it seems that it has made him happy after his taste for stardom has been unsatisfactory.

8 Daniel Day-Lewis retires after a legendary career

Few, if anything, embody the art of acting quite like Daniel Day-Lewis. Famous for his relentless pursuit of acting, Day-Lewis set his name in stone as one of the best examples of the method actor. A man full of mystique, reserved when not in front of a camera, Day-Lewis always made his decisions very carefully, and his retirement was no different.

One might think that after winning the record of 3 Oscars for best actor, he had nothing left to prove. Daniel Day-Lewis starred in one last film after his third win, playing the titular character of Lincoln, garnering another Oscar nomination and ending his career on the top.

7 Greta Garbo conquered Hollywood and left

Swedish silent film star Greta Garbo entered Hollywood in 1926, starring in films such as Stream Y A woman from businesses, the latter of which would establish it as MGM’s biggest box office attraction . In 1930 he made the leap to talkies, despite the studio’s doubts due to his marked Swedish accent.

After racking up multiple Oscar nominations, including one for his latest role, Garbo withdrew without ever giving a reason. He led a deliberately private life, became an art collector and, despite numerous offers from the studios, never performed again.

6 WWE called Freddie Prinze Jr.

In the late 90s, you didn’t have to look far to find Freddie Prinze Jr. on the big screen. The papers of I Know What You Did Last Summer Y She is allthat made the actor sit at the top of Hollywood. He followed up with two live action movies by Scooby-DooBut soon after, he decided to spend more time being a parent to his children and those of Sarah Michelle Geller.

Prinze Jr. has been keeping busy ever since. As a lifelong wrestling fan, he sought work for WWE as a producer, as well as taking on multiple voice-over roles. He can be heard as the voice of Kanan Jarrus in Star Wars: Rebels.

5 Money was no problem for Dave Chappelle

You might be kidding someone to say no to $ 50 million, but that’s exactly what comedian Dave Chappelle did after Comedy Central wrapped up the third season of Chappelle’s Show without your input. Chappelle felt harassed and had grown tired of show business, and what was meant to be a few weeks off turned Chappelle away from his own show for good.

However, not everything was bad. He returned in 2016 signing a $ 60 million contract with Netflix. 5 specials later, to critical and commercial success, Chappelle is back at the top of the game.

4 Jonathan Taylor Thomas chose education

Call the comedy Home Improvement a resounding success would be an understatement. It made Tim Allen a true front-row actor and allowed his young stars to make the leap to the movies. Jonathan Taylor Thomas did so, voicing Simba in Disney’s The Lion King. Overnight, Thomas became a megastar, followed by more movie roles.

In his teens, Jonathan Taylor Thomas got tired, being famous since he was 8 years old, he left Home Improvement midway through his final season and focused on his studies. In 2013, she reunited with Tim Allen as a guest on Allen’s series, Last Man Standing.

3 Grace Kelly traded the camera for the crown

An Oscar winner and a true icon of Hollywood’s golden age, Grace Kelly had a short career for some, but she managed to leave a legacy that lives on today. She said goodbye to Hollywood in the most unique and elegant way an actress has ever had: she became a princess. At age 26, she married Rainier III, Prince of Monaco, and never returned to the big screen.

Alfred Hitchcock planned a comeback for her – she was considered one of the classic “Hitchcock blondes” after all – but Grace Kelly put her princess duties first and stayed true to her retirement. Hitchcock went ahead with his movie Marnie, in which Tippi Hedren took on the role originally intended for Kelly.

2 Eminem clings to his Slim Shady roots

Can the real Oscar winners stand up? In addition to winning an Oscar for his music, becoming the first hip-hop artist to do so, his performance in 8 Mile (2002) was widely praised by critics and fans. In this semi-biographical story, Eminem proved all skeptics wrong and came to receive praise from the famous film critic Roger Ebert.

However, the rapper did not want a career in Hollywood and returned to his true passion, music, soon after. Since then, Eminem has turned down a number of major roles, including starring in Elysium Y Southpaw, although it contributed to the soundtrack of this last one.

1 Joe Pesci left gangster papers behind

When this legendary actor walked away from the spotlight, he left a void in one of the most beloved genres in cinema, gangster movies. Joe Pesci was a regular star of Martin Scorsese’s epic films, and became known with an Oscar-nominated performance in wild bull. Ten years later he would win the award for best supporting actor in Goodfellas, from Scorsese, establishing himself as a Hollywood great.

In 1998, after an emblematic performance in Lethal Weapon 4Pesci retired from acting to pursue music and other interests. However, if there was one man who could bring Joe Pesci back, it was his old friend Martin Scorsese. Pesci made his triumphant return in The Irishman from 2019, adding another Oscar nomination to his résumé in the process.