July 29, 2021

John Krasinski pronounces on the possibility of signing for ‘Fantastic 4’: “I trust Kevin”

“Mary Poppins is a hero. So I’ve already done that.”. Emily Blunt doesn’t seem too keen to play Sue Storm in Fantastic Four, but, curiously, her husband John Krasinski, whom fans wish to see as Reed Richards aka Mr. Fantastic, thinks something else entirely.. The couple is the ideal for many marvelitas followers that before this announcement of the return of these superheroes to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, they have launched their own casting, and while Blunt spends a lot, Krasinski confesses that he would be delighted.

“I’d love to do it. I think being a part of the Marvel world would be amazing if anything and the fact that people are considering me for that role is great. I haven’t really had conversations and I don’t know anything about what’s going on with that. I’m waiting for Kevin’s announcement [Feige] what the heck is going on with that as much as you are … It’s very interesting because I’m a huge Marvel fan. I think they have a very good formula. I mean, yes, I would say yes. I trust Kevin because he is not only very talented, but the nicest guy. Whatever you want, we’ll talk about it. “.

All in the air

Regarding the casting of ‘The Fantastic 4’, Feige himself has asked for calm because everything is still in the air. “I don’t think it’s soon”, has assured this marvelita boss that he has a lot to consider. And is that Krasinski can represent the perfect Mr. Fantastic for fans, and be super willing to embody the role, but he really has an interest in another role within the team. Directing a Marvel movie is what this actor who already has experience in this regard would like after getting behind the cameras of ‘A Quiet Place’ and its sequel. We’ll have to wait to find out how the cast is finally set up. of this film that at the moment does not have a release date.