August 1, 2021

This is how she looks to play Eva Perón in ‘Santa Evita’ – GENTE Online

After a thorough investigation, Natalia Oreiro (44) put himself in the shoes of Eva Peron, role for which he dyed blonde when working under the orders of Rodrigo García Barcha, son of writer GApriel García Márquez, for the series Santa Evita, which continues to shoot.

As is known, these are 8 chapters that will narrate the last years of Evita’s life, her early death and the manipulation of her corpse, and are produced by the Mexican actress Salma Hayek.

With so much desire and a lot of emotion, I want to share this great challenge with you… Very soon you will be able to see #SantaEvita, an exclusive series from Star +, which focuses on an iconic character, but from an unexpected place. They’ll see! “, the Uruguayan actress had written some time ago.

A few days ago, the mother of Atahualpa He chose to share a series of shootings with his new hair color on his Instagram account.

“Playing for a while with these blond hairs that Sergio Lamensa’s genius achieved with so much love”, was the caption of the post that he uploaded for the enjoyment of his million followers on that network.

This is how it struck under the lens of the Uruguayan photographer @rafalejtreger and dressed in a design by Maria Gorof What do i consider “A true work of art”.

It is a disruptive two-piece suit in red shocking, made up of a very low-cut jacket with fringes and an open back and trousers that were worn with high-top boots in burgundy color.

The styling of the photos with which she released her blonde color designed for the role of Eva in a new key was in charge of Rosario San Juan.

In addition, Oreiro shared a second photographic production with french touch. “My love”, wrote as a caption to accompany the following images with a Parisian-inspired styling.

With a green beret, a muscular red polo neck, brown leather pants and sneakers, the actress had fun posing in the best style of the series Emily in Paris, starring Lily Collins.

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