July 25, 2021

Tom Hanks, a true Hollywood star

Listen to the note:

“I was never intimidated by the changes, I was like the son of a military man who had lived all over the world” – Tom Hanks

In 1994, for his work in “Philadelphia“, directed by Jonathan Demme, in which he played a lawyer fired when his bosses found out that he had AIDS, received his first Oscar from Hollywood.

A year later, he took the stage again to pick up another for his role in “Forrest Grump”.

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A homey man

Tom Hanks He has been married since 1988 to the also actress Rita WilsonThey have two children and form one of the most stable marriages in the mecca of cinema.

The actor divorced Samantha Lewes in 1987 with whom he had two other children in the nine years that their marriage lasted.

The actor has one of the most stable careers in Hollywood and in general, his name is usually a guarantee of success for the films in which he appears.

Without fanfare or enemies, at least known, and a good reputation that began years ago.

Tom Hanks He is one of the most loved and respected actors today. He was born 65 years ago in Concord, California.

The American actor, Tom Hanks, who lends his voice to the cowboy Woody in the delivery of “Toy Story 4” / EFE

His father was a traveling cook and his mother worked in a hospital. At just five years old, his parents decided to divorce and he and his older brothers stayed with the father, while his little brother remained with his mother.

From California to New York

Tom Hanks his father and brothers moved frequently, “by the time I was ten, I had lived in ten different houses,” said the actor.

Last year in an interview for “In Depth with Graham Bensinger”He said that he and his brothers lived it in different ways.

And that he loved it, that he had learned certain skills, for example, how to get hold of people.

“I was never intimidated by the changes. He was like the son of a military man who had lived all over the world ”.

“There were times when perhaps there was a certain degree of loneliness because … it kind of went unnoticed” …

I didn’t really have adults ‘per se’ taking care of me, ”he told Bensinger, however. His father worked outside most of the day and the brothers had to be self-sufficient.


“But I was not mistreated, I always had a house key, I could always drink the milk that was in the fridge, whether someone was home or not,” said Tom Hanks.

So it was actually probably the perfect context for a guy whose job is to wear clothes that aren’t his and pretends to be someone he’s not, ”he commented.

Do I reject stepbrothers?

His parents remarried, and these marriages implied that the brothers had new stepbrothers.

“It was very confusing. I often heard ‘these are your new brothers and sisters,’ “the actor told Oprah.

“If no one had used the words brother Y sister would have been nice. They should have said ‘these are kids your age that you are going to live with for a while’.

Two and a half years later, he said ‘what happened to that brother and sister that we had?’ ”, Added the actor.

When I finished high school in Oakland, Tom Hanks He enrolled in college before moving on to the theater program at the State University of that State.

In 1980 he dropped out of college and moved to New York in 1980, the same year that he landed a role on the series “Bosom Buddies.”

Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson in 2020 / EFE

Fame and love

In 1984, Hanks shot “Splash” under the command of Ron Howard, with whom he has worked on three other occasions: “Apollo 13”, “The Da Vinci Code” and “Angels and Demons”.

That same year he shot “Bacherlor Party”; a year later “Volunteers” and, in 1986, “The Money Pit”. Two years later came the role that earned him his first Oscar nomination, that of Josh in “Big.”

“Splash” opened the doors to romantic comedies, such as the aforementioned “The Money Pit”, “Sleepless in Seattle”, “You’ve got an email” and “The terminal”, among others.

But not only on romantic comedies he lived Tom Hanks, which won its first academy award, in 1994, for its work on “Philadelphia,” directed by Jonathan Demme, in which he played a fired lawyer when his bosses found out that he had AIDS.

A year later, he took the stage again to collect another Oscar for his role in “Forrest Grump.”

Later came other titles that helped consolidate his fame and reputation such as “Saving Private Ryan” by Steven Spielberg; “Cast Away”, by Robert Zemeckis; “Catch Me If You Can”, also by Spielberg:

“Road to Perdition” by Sam Mendes; “Bridge of Spies”, again under the baton of Spielberg and “News of the World”, among others.

Tom Hanks recibe el premio Golden Globe Cecil B. DeMille Award en Beverly Hills / EFE

Tom Hanks He has been married since 1988 to fellow actress Rita Wilson and they form one of the most stable marriages in the mecca of cinema. They met in 1981, on the set of “Bosom Buddies”, but at that time the actor was married to Samatha Lewes, the mother of his first two children.

“Having a 21-year-old son was the best thing that happened to me because I didn’t smoke pot. He didn’t do drugs, he wasn’t a party animal, ”he told BBC Radio.

Tom Hanks Y Lewes they separated and he met Wilson again on the set of “Volunteers” in 1985. A year later they made their relationship public and in 1988 they went through the altar. The following year, when collecting the Golden Globe for “Big” he said:

“It’s marvelous. Rita WilsonThank you, darling, for marrying me. In 1990 they had their first child together and five years later, the second.

“33 years of marriage to my best friend, my lover, my man,” Wilson wrote in a sentence that accompanied a photo with Tom Hanks May 1, the couple’s wedding anniversary.