July 28, 2021

Is another comeback coming? Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul from “Breaking Bad” say they are ready to appear on “Better Call Saul”

A moment only for fans was the one they lived Bryan Cranston Y Aaron Paul, who taking advantage of the time at home made a live commenting on the iconic series Breaking Bad.

And the question that always arises, especially for those who have gone crazy with the successful production, is whether the characters of both will appear again in the spin off of the series and that is preparing its last season: Better Call Saul.

Although “Walter White” and “Jesse Pinkman” have already met again in the film of Netflix, “The Way”, 2019 and that gave a closure to the character of Paul, fans were not satisfied with the moment that came out as a flashback, since the character of Cranston –spoiler danger– died in the last season of Breaking Bad.

The moment of Walter White’s cameo and the return of both characters in the Breaking Bad sequel film, “El Camino.”

Well, the actors referred to this again and if they will return to interpret the roles that catapulted them around the world: “Could there be another story within that universe? Yes absolutely. Do I know if that is going to happen? No Should it happen? I mean, I don’t know, “Aaron Paul said in the chat with Bryan Cranston.

The words of the actor, who had his last performance in the third season of Westworld, they are quite open. And it is that the surprises in the universe Breaking Bad They are not new, since precisely the film “El Camino” was developed in complete secrecy and It was only heard of it weeks before its premiere.

Now the closest opportunity is Better Call Saul, the series about lawyer Saul Goodman and which had its first appearance in the second season of Breaking Bad and today he stars in this award-winning production that recently premiered its penultimate season.

“They always ask us about Better Call Saul or if Jesse or Walt are going to appear in that series (…) I don’t know how many times we have to tell Vince Gilligan (creator of both series) that we are ready to do it, “revealed Cranston, who played Walter White.

With this statement, the duo’s desire to repeat their roles in fiction is evident, although it will depend on the filmmakers of the series whether or not they want to have White and Pinkman with at least one cameo, something that several characters have already done throughout the seasons of the prequel that stars Saul Goodman.

Braking Bad Y Bettel Call Saul are available in Netflix, while the premiere of the final season of the latter still has no date, especially due to the pandemic that the world is experiencing.