July 27, 2021

Is there a reference to ‘Jurassic Park’ in ‘Independence Day’?

Rumors claim that on ‘Independence Day’ there is a nod to Steven Spielberg’s film, ‘Jurassic Park’, however, Jeff Goldblum – who was part of the main cast of both projects – claimed that such a thing was not his idea.

In an interview with Yahoo, Goldblum, whom we hope to see in the third part of ‘Jurassic World’, stated that it was not his idea to make a “tribute” to Spielberg’s production of how humans brought dinosaurs to life.

For those who did not see either of the two productions, in ‘Independence Day’, Goldblum, uses an expression to attract the attention of the character of Will Smith. It, and only true fans will notice, came straight out of the ‘Jurassic Park’ script, but at no time did they want to plagiarize anyone.

“I hope that Mr. Steven Spielberg has seen it with kindness. We appropriate it with the greatest affection. It was a tribute, “said Goldblum in his space with Yahoo.

According to the actor, Roland Emmerich was looking for an “expression” to include in the script of the film, so he considered that including a phrase that was “easy” for the fans of another production to recognize was a good idea.

While it is not the clearest reference of all, or the most obvious wink, nor the largest Easter egg, the truth is that it was executed very intelligently. Almost like those moments when Disney and Pixar show that their stories are connected, in a “subtle” way.

So far, what is most expected of Goldblum is his appearance, along with others from the original cast of ‘Jurassic Park’, in the third production of the reboot of the Steven Spielberg classic that drove dinosaur fans crazy.

Not much else is known about ‘Jurassic World: Dominion’, but we certainly expect it to be bigger and more deadly than the other two. Both with incredible results at the box office and setting the tone for this third part that is supposed to be the end of this trilogy.